Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nola is 4 months old

Its been a little while since I had something post it seems like I am on here once a day reading but not posting...

Nola is doing wonderful - she is such a smiley, happy baby!!! She is still not sleeping through the night but I really don't care...she will be our only child (as I have mentioned before) and I try and savor every moment with her so if she wakes in the middle of the night, although I'm tired, I happily obliged and stare at her in wonder as I feed her.

She is now 4 months old and has started rice cereal 2 times a day...she is really funny with it and soo cute - I posted pictures of her first try! She is growing wonderfully... she is tiny at 12lbs 15oz but long at 24 3/4 inches...she is still in 0-3 clothing but in pj's (because they shrink) she is in 3 month and some 3-6...I still cant believe how tiny she is though...I have all these adorable suits in 3-6 that I am hoping she can fit into through the summer..especially her juicy couture one! hahah

We went to Florida with her to visit jacks parents in may and she did AMAZING! We were gone fro 10 days and went to 3 different cities...she never cried once on the plane and we had a lay over on the outbound and inbound flights. We landed in Tampa and went to his parents in Palm Harbor then after 3 days we drove to Disney and met my parents and my sister and bro in law and my 2 nieces and then after 5 days there we all drove to Punta Gorda to my parents condo's for 4 days and then home! She is truly a wonderful baby and I am not sure what I did in life to deserve such a great baby..whatever I did I am thankful.

Here are some pictures from Florida and her first try with rice cereal!