Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Best Way to Do Your Shots!

OK LISTEN UP!!!- this has nothing to do with me per say...but I have been reading all sorts of blogs for so long and there is one thing that I just don't understand!!! WHY does everyone insist on doing their shots in their stomach where it hurts??????? I have left numerous comments on blogs trying to help people but I still see all these blogs with people doing shots in their stomach.

For my first IVF if you followed me I had 17 eggs retrieved and the entire time I did ALL shots in my thighs...alternating every night and I did the HCG shot in my thigh too - hence why I never felt sick and never got bruises!

So I'm telling you all after 4 IUI's and so far 1 IVF - DO THE SHOTS IN THE THIGH!!!

TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!