Saturday, January 23, 2010

37 Week Appointment

Yesterday was out 37 week appointment!

I had to have the AWESOME Strep B culture done. I am not sure about anyone else but with everything I read no one tells you they stick the cu tip in your but? Hellooooo that would have been information that I would have kindly liked so I was pre-pared! Jack had mentioned that he read it but I never did so I thought he was pulling my leg. Guess I should just learn to trust my husband! It was fine, the test takes literally 2 seconds!!!

At my last appointment that I told you about which was Monday the 11th I had lost a pound bringing me to 16 gained...yesterday I gained 1. So I back to a gain of 17 which is awesome...I am very proud of myself although I am not sure how that happened! Blood Pressure great and Urine great!

She said after the culture that she was just going to check to see if I had made any progress. I had told her that the night before I was having sharp pains middle abdomen and was not sure if it was Nola or what? She said it probably was her trying to get her head down!

She proceeded to do an internal and man did that hurt - she had to feel around really hard cause she could not locate my cervix! No matter how many times she told me to relax I just couldn't - it was so uncomfortable - which makes me realize how much labor is going to SUCK! Anyway, she said " Oh you have been very busy!" 3 centimeters dilated and cervix is realllyyy thin!!! She said she obviously cant promise that I would go early but she said it is likely....I told her all I wanted to know what how far past my due date she was willing to let me go...I wanted to have an end date in sight! She said because of the diabetes she would take me around my due date! GREAT NEWS!

Great appointment.....except for the cramping and spotting from the appointment...I forgot how much any type of internal appointment SUCKS!

Well, Ill leave you with a belly shot - not a great one but here is one indeed!

Sorry that I look so bad!

Monday, January 11, 2010

We had an u/s this morning to check Nola's weight due to the gestational diabetes. She is doing so well besides being squished inside my small belly! hahahah

She is currently 5lbs 13 ounces which puts her in the 37Th percentile. So she is still a little on the smaller side which works for me as long as she is OK! She looked cute from what I could tell....hard to get a good visual when they are that big. She is head down but she has not dropped yet.

I have my culture for that strep thing next week.....but this week I lost a pound and my blood pressure and urine were great. The gestational diabetes has not really been a factor cause it was so borderline.

Besides that there is not much going on here. Her room is ready and I am still working! My last day will be the 21st so I will have 2 weeks off before her due date. But I will say we are pretty set to go - all I need to do is pack my bag.

I have to say she is soo funny - she moves sooo much all the time - its really an amazing thing to watch her!

My hands are still quite an issue but Ill be done work soon enough is another picture update!