Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Post about Nola and Motherhood

I havent posted a real post since I think before Nola was born...I either cant find the time or feel that I have nothing interesting that you would feel like reading. But as I sit here Nola is napping so I figured Id write an entry. Ill try not to make it too boring...

Nola is wonderful. I ask myself all the time what I did right in this world to be lucky enough to deserve such a beautiful, happy, wonderful baby girl? When I say that sometimes to people they say, you went through so much to get her of course that is why you deserve her. Yes, I know I went through a lot but that seems so long ago now that I dont think that is the only reason. She is way more special than that...I feel I had to have done something above and beyond to have someone who laughs and smiles at me the minute she sees me. See, Im one of the lucky ones that works at night (right now just 1 night a week) and can spend oodles of time with her. When she is awake all I do is focus on her and in turn I get the biggest smiles and the best giggles...but that is because we are always together and I smother her with attention...she will be my old child and for that she will get everything from me. I know that you love all your children but I cant imagine loving another baby as much as I love her. Please dont misunderstand me, I know I would but I cant imagine it cause my love for her is so undescribable.

Infertility is a sucky thing....but I will tell you, I dont even think of it almost seems like it never happened. I cant believe I spent 3 years trying to have her and then got pregnant and she is already here...time does have a way of flying by. I am truely blessed with this little girl who steals my heart everytime I look at her.

Monday, May 10, 2010