Sunday, December 27, 2009

32 Weeks!

Sorry that I have been MIA lately. I am having such a terrible time with the pregnancy induced carpel tunnel - my right hand swells so bad that I literally cant type...anyway - here I am!

Things here are great. 33 weeks this week. I had my 32 week appointment last Tuesday and gained only 1 pound in the past 4 weeks for a total of 17! I'm doing pretty good if I say so myself! I thought I was going to gain so much more! She said she is going to give me an ultra-sound at 36 weeks to check her weight. Yeah - another chance to see Nola since its been so long. I know they say you cant see much cause she will be much bigger but I am still excited!

The gestational diabetes is under control - come to find out the only number that was off was my fasting number and she said it was only slightly but they wanted to be pro-active so it hasn't been hard to control....thank god!

Nola is kicking up a storm...I cant wait to see the cute feet that look like they might come out the left side of my belly!

Her room is coming along...still need some decorations and need to finish the curtains but besides that she is all set. All her swings, bouncy chairs, stroller and car seat and monitor and the rest of the good stuff is all put together and ready to go as well! I packed her bag today and just need to pack mine!

I know have wanted this for a long time but I cant help but be scared...I mean I am responsible for this little lady now for the rest of my and her life...that's a big thing! Its something that of course I want but cant help but be scared as well! I know Ill get over it the minute I meet her!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Baby Shower

Better late than never - I haven't been able to write much because of the swelling in my hands but I am good today so here are some pictures of our baby shower that my mom put together with the help of my sisters on November 15, 2009. Place Card Table Hand Made Place Cards by my mom the artist! Picture of Baby Nola and the Shower Invitation at the place card table Our beautiful cake! The table with hand-made cards by my mom again so guests could write wishes for Nola and the center piece was the favor, Cream scarves for everyone! Diaper Cake made by my sisters! Jack and I Dad, Marica, Me, Jack, Meredith, Mom My parents and sisters and myself Jack & I with my noni (95) & nana (90)

Glucose Results

I failed my first glucose test. I took my 2nd glucose know the pain in the ass 3 hour one? Yeah - that one...last Friday...


Now, I am writing this a week later when I am not half as mad as I was when they called. I mean, I have only gained 16 pounds and I have not gone over board with what Ive eaten at all so of course I'm pissed. I was on weight watchers for 2 years before I was pregnant so why would I want to watch what I eat when I'm pregnant too! This is the worst and meanest thing that could happen to a pregnant person!

So...I was so mad when the nurse called me last week to tell me I failed that I didn't even ask her any questions..all I did was yes, yes, get the point. So the Jocelyn center for diabetes finally called Thur to set up a time for the class. CLASS? I was like what class? I'm not taking an all day class about this!!! Its only an hour and a half - thank god!

The women who met with Jack and I was very nice even though I was still bullshit! She said all my numbers were fine except my fasting level which is the first one they draw after you haven't eaten for like 9 hours....and she said even that number was not that bad but she said my OB was being know what I say to that...! So suffice to say, I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day. Once when I wake up then an hour after each meal. So far they have all been fine but I'm freaking hungry! And Jack went to the grocery store and spent an hour getting all this sugar free etc stuff for me - I'm not a happy camper.

I know I shouldn't complain about something like this because I'm fortunate to even be pregnant but I cant help it - literally I cant help but be pissed about it! I mean..takes forever to get pregnant and not to mention I had to do IVF to get there then my down syndrome test comes back all screwed up and I end up doing a CVS and then this. I have to say I LOVE being pregnant and watching her kick etc but I also cant wait til shes here!

OK - enough withe bitching - I'm is what it is and I have to learn to deal!

Here are some recent preggo photos!

28 Weeks - Thanksgiving

28 weeks - Thanksgiving, Jack & I

28 weeks

30 weeks

30 weeks

Friday, December 4, 2009

Glucose Intolerance

I'm writing to you from the hospital lab! I didn't pass my first glucose test so here I am for my 3 hour exciting test. Now, the orange drink wasn't too bad but this lemon lime one she gave me was awful, it was like drinking white syrup! GROSS!!!

If I don't pass this test I'm going to be pissed. I really don't mean to complain because I truly am blessed but I need to.....Its very frustrating to not be able to get pregnant in the first place and then I get pregnant and I cant pass a single test... I failed my downs test and ended up having a CVS and then we have the glucose test and I fail. Now I know its only 2 tests but can I for once, pass a test on the first try!

Besides that everything is great. Nola's room is getting there....just have to order the chandelier and rods and then a few more little touches and it will be all done. Its weird to look in that room now knowing there will be a baby in there someday. It seems so strange.

She is really moving up a storm!!! 2 nights ago for the first time my right side of my belly was off to one side since she was sitting there...its so cute. I have to admit that I love to poke my belly and then she pokes back - its funny its like she knows I'm there..I'm really trying to enjoy it all since this is the only baby I plan on having. Jack was worried cause I kept poking her so he admitted he looked it up online to make sure it was safe and of course it is - which I told him it would be ...he said it says its actually good for the baby cause it helps them interact with you...hahah well that's good cause I poke her a lot!

I don't know what anyone else did but I haven't done much or read much on labor. I'm to scared... I'm not taking the birthing class which the doctor said was fine but I try not to think about it at all cause it freaks me out. I literally have no tolerance for pain and I know its going to hurt like a son of a gun! But if I prepare it will be even worse so I am better of not knowing really...but I do dread it to the fullest!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted....there really has been nothing to report. We are just waiting for our appointment for Gestational shower is Sunday and I am soo excited!

But anyway, here are some pictures of me at 26 weeks and Nola's room with all her furniture's the way it is going to stay. I need to set the crib up but since I don't have the mattress yet I just put the bumper in so I could see what it looked like - just need to decorate now!

Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1 Question/Debate

Can anyone of you out there please tell me what your thoughts are on the H1N1 shot for pregnant women - did you get it? Do you know someone who did?

I got the flu shot as I mentioned before and now my OB says I have to have the H1N1 shot and its really not up for discussion but I am not pleased. I dont know enough about it and I dont feel comfortable injecting that into me where it has not really been tested a lot.....Im getting mixed reviews from people and Jack told me to call and get a second opinion which I will do tomorrow before I go get it but I want to know about all you pregnant women out there or those who are not pregnant that may not more about this vaccine than I do!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

25 Weeks

I had my 25 week appointment yesterday! We are both doing good - Nola was still beating steadily at 150! Shes such a good baby already!

Unfortunately I did have to tell the doctor that I fell that morning like an idiot! Like seriously, in the middle of target none the less....I broke the fall with my hands and right knee so Nola was not touched at all but boy was I embarrassed! What a loser! She told me I might want to get rid of the heels and get some flats! Yeah, I know but I haven't found any I like and I like heals! She also told me that I HAVE to have the H1N1 shot which I had no intention of getting! She was very adamant so they will be calling when they get it.

I gained 6lbs for a total of 14 which makes me not a very happy girl but what can you do? I'm still within the normal curve but if I already gained 14 whats going to happen in the end? And my belly is small so where the hell is the weight going? hahahah I guess I better slow down on the pizza ha?

Nola's room is all painted. I picked up the chair and ottoman yesterday so Jack could bring it up today when he gets home from Florida. I bought an area rug that matched the ivory chenille chair but I am not sure I like it? And her furniture will be here next Saturday! YEAH!!! Sooo exciting! Here are some before and after pictures of the paint. Then I will take more when her furniture is here!

Have a great and safe Halloween!!!

Nola's Room before we started painting!

Nola's Room Painted!

Nola's Room Painted!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seeing Nola

There really is not too much report - were still doing great over here. But I wanted to tell you all that we finally saw her kicking outside my stomach on Saturday!! I was so happy Jack got to see this finally - she is really a nut in there kicking and moving all the time! Last night after a very long day and Jack not being around when I went to bed I just watched my belly go! Sometimes I cant decide if Id rather watch the TV or her....its the most amazing experience.

Oh and her room is being painted right now as we speak. I took pictures of it empty and Ill take them while hes painting in stages - cant wait to see it finished with the furniture in it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 Months!

I made it! I actually questioned that I would some days. I have to say I cant believe I am here...The other day Jack and I were driving in the car and he said "I cant believe were expecting a little girl" was soo cute. I said trust me, neither can I.

When you go through infertility it wipes away all those hopes and dreams. I know a lot of people say they will always be infertile and I too always will consider myself part of that infertility club but, don't hate me for saying so (this is just how I, personally feel)I feel like I am so blessed to be where I am that I don't think about it much anymore...its in the past and I will keep it there. It doesn't mean that I would ever say or do anything to make an infertile person feel less I'm just saying that my infertility is now in the past and I would like to keep it like that.
We only really ever planned on having one child so I'm not worried about the future of getting pregnant. I do know that being infertile has helped me help a lot of people and if that is something I can share into the future then in the end I will feel that it was all worth it. Well...worth it now of course when she kicks and worth it when we see her beautiful face for the first time. She will be the light of our life and for that, infertility, I am thankful. You do learn to appreciate things I think a little that selfish or rude to say? I think sometimes people think I am nuts to always be touching my stomach or to always be referring to her as if she was here but I cant help it after everything. She truly is our little miracle.

I do hope and have faith that all who read this that have not made it to their miracle quite yet will get there. Whether it be by IUI, IVF, Adoption, Surrogacy, Donor Eggs etc. It does take a lot out of you and there will be a lot of times where you feel like this is it and you can't possibly go on longer, but you do, and it will happen when you least expect it too. Remember it took me 2.5 years to get here and there were plenty of times that I wanted to quit and did..but I always went back, because in the end I knew this is where I wanted to be.

With that said, here are some 6 month pictures of me.

6 months pregnant

This is a close up of me

This is a picture further away

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not a Great Day

Today was not a good day....Today's bad day ended with me in the hospital!

I woke up this morning and when I went to the bathroom it felt like my abdomen or bladder really hurt. I thought maybe I help my pee to long haha and over filled my bladder...But, when I started to walk around the house I realized how much pain I was in. I made it downstairs but it was awful. Jack had just gotten back from a run so i explained to him how much pain I was in and that I had to go lay in bed.

We had my nieces first birthday party to attend at 1pm so I thought if I laid low I would be OK. I took Tylenol and laid down til 12. I got up to get in the shower and brought my computer over to my desk and had to sit down again because I was in so much pain! WTF was going on?!

I told Jack I had to stay home and lay low and that I called the on call doctor. I found it hard to believe that it could be round ligament pain - seriously? It felt like I was having a diverticulitis flair up or backed up gas or a muscle pull!!! She told me that it was probably one of those but to watch it and to call her later. I had no other symptoms that would have led her to believe anything else.

I sat on the couch literally all afternoon while Jack went to the party without me! I used the heating pad as she suggested and took a GasX. I was feeling a little better - at least not as bad as I was before. At about 5 I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and was like OK...I'm good but the minute I went to the bathroom I thought I would die - the pain was so bad that I hardly could walk back to the couch. I finally made it back and sat down and rested for a minute. Figured I better call the doctor again, there is NO WAY this is round ligament pain! Seriously, I couldn't even walk! So when I called her I had started to feel soo much better - no pain anymore at all! But she said since it happened when I went to the bathroom she wanted me to come in because she didn't want to miss it if I hard the start of an infection!

I called Jack to come home from watching the Patriots to take me. We got there at about 545 and they put me in a room...they had me go give a urine sample and then the nurse came in and hooked me up to a monitor to check Nola's heart beat and she was fine (which I knew cause she has been kicking up a storm all day)! Then she hooked me up to another monitor to make sure I was not having contractions - which I wasn't thankfully!

I was feeling like such an ass because I felt fine now at this point! And I was starving and pissed cause they said nothing to eat or drink unless I could see through it until they knew what was up. Finally at 8pm....the doctor came in and said my urine was fine (good!) and proceeded to press on my belly at all points. She said if it was diverticulitis, it would still be very tender (which I am aware of) and that it was more than likely - yes you guess it! - friggen round ligament pain! I was like seriously - that painful that it would cause me to not be able to walk? Really...she said, yes absolutely. She said some people don't have it at all and then some people can get it so bad its debilitating! Yeah, tell me about it! So they cleared me to go home!

I am so glad that nothing was wrong....although it annoys me that it was something so stupid! But, I'm so glad that Nola is OK and that is all I cared about. I will not let anything happen to her! Not after all this time!

So, now I am home, I had pizza and french fries for dinner which was awesome and Nola is kicking up a storm still...She is seriously so active its nuts! But, I'm so glad I went to the hospital cause I never would have forgiven myself if there was in fact an issue and I ignored it because I felt stupid!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nola's Furniture

I bought Nola's furniture today!!!

There is a picture below - it only shows the crib, hutch and armoire but we also got the night stand and 5 draw chest!!!!

Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Doctors Appointment

So I've had this cold for 13 days now. It started as the normal cold with the sore throat and runny nose and then about 3 days later it seemed to have gone away. Then it came back 2 days after that but even worse....and then by Sunday it felt like it might be on its way out!!!! Oh but not so much - on Monday I got that cough.... You know the one that starts out hard and gives you a headache cause you cough so hard...but then Tuesday it turned into the one that starts to break things up inside the chest and you cant stop coughing!!!!

I figured I better try and go to the doctor...and Jack wanted me to get checked out in case since the baby. So today I felt slightly better but was able to get an appointment to get checked out by my primary care.

He was really nice - he was someone new...he did say that unfortunately its so much harder to fight a cold when your pregnant and that this could come and go for the last 5 months - fucking really (sorry for the language)? I don't think, actually I know, I cant live like this for the next 5 months.

He said everything sounded fine but my pulse was higher than it should be...he said it could be because I'm sick but he was still he told me that he wanted me to get blood work so he could check my white blood count and to make sure that I am hydrated enough.

I also told him that I needed to get the flu shot and he said they had some there and I could get it done right away. He sent me on my way and I went to the desk and was able to get the flu shot in 2, he is where the issues OB had told me to make sure to tell them I need the one that is Thermosal Free..NOW - did I remember to ask that? Of course NOT!!!! But they did know I was 5 months pregnant!!!

So, Jack called me like 5 minutes ago and said did you make sure it was Thermosal free? I almost died!!! I didn't!!!!!!! So I hung up with them and called and the women who answered the phone put me on hold and asked the nurse. She said the nurse checked my chart and I got the pre-filled syringe that is Thermosal Free....Now, I am so thankful - BUT - what if they just said that? Can they do that - or would they not give out the incorrect info in case cause they could be sued? Cause right about now, I'm freaking!!!! I didn't even want the shot and now look what I did? What kind of mother am I????

Monday, September 28, 2009

20 week appointment

Last week we had the anatomy scan which went very well!

Today we had the ususal 20 week appointment....

Urine - great
Blood Pressure - great
Weight Gain - another 4lbs (not bad)
Weight Gain total for 5 months pregnant - 8lbs.... Im guessing that is good? Oh and I will say yesterday I decided to try on my skinny jeans!!!!

Guess What?

THEY FIT!!! Well, let me clarify..they fit in the legs and the butt and just would nto button - but...Im cook with that - they fit over the 2 most important things that I dont want to change - my legs and ass! hahahah

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anatomy Scan

Today was our 20 week anatomy scan...even though we know we are already having a girl we needed to do the routine check on the heart chambers and brain etc...She is looking great!

4 chambers of the heart, 2 sides of the brain, all the right bones in all the right places. She is perfect and she is still a girl! hahah

Here are some pictures of her from 13 weeks and (today) 20 weeks which I just finally figured out how to fix the scanner for!!!

This was Nola at our 13 week when we did the CVS. When she put the doppler on me she was upside down...Jack is convinced she was praying that I would be okay because I was so nervous.

13 weeks at CVS appointment

20 week appointment today

This is Nola in a 3D picture with her hands to her face. I thought she might be sucking her thumb because when she showed her on the regular u/s it showed her mouth making a sucking motion

This is her cute bum that shows she is out little girl, Nola

I am doing great and feeling great and feeling her kick more and more each day. Its the funniest thing that makes me giggle cause it tickles. I have to say I never thought that I would ever be here. I have faith that she will be okay and enter this world just the way she is supposed to. is 2 pictures of me on the cruise at about 18 weeks - I still look the same now but its wierd to have a little belly.

Me on our balcony overlooking Bermuda

Me in the lobby of the cruise ship

Thanks for stopping by. I have another appointment on Monday...I cant wait to see if I gained anymore weight other than 4lbs 3 weeks ago. Some of my stuff still fits buttoned below the belly but well see :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Everyone!
I really don't have much to report, just felt bad because I hadn't posted in so long! We went on our last trip last week before Nola is born! We did a cruise to Bermuda out of Boston so I would not have to fly anywhere! It was a really great cruise and it was hot as hell in Bermuda! I have to say - everyone always told me that sitting in the sun is different when you are pregnant but I was not sure I believed them or was not sure that would apply to me since I am a sun worshiper....HOWEVER, I could not last longer than an hour it was soo fricken hot!!!! I had to sit in the shade most of the time!hahaha something I am definitely not usto to! I still managed to get a tan but it was tougher than normal!

It was smooth sailing except for the last day at sea on the way home. I know the Atlantic is rough, I have taken this cruise before BUT, OMG, I have NEVER been sea sick ever until last Thursday when I threw up 3 times...apparently pregnancy and rocky boats don't mix hahah!

We are now home until she is born - have to finally get her room cleared out because it is currently our spare bedroom! I have finally finished registering and ordered the baby shower invitations! The only thing I cant seem to decide on (I'm a horrible decision maker!) is bedding - the ones I like are $300 or more and the others that are more inexpensive I like but cant make a decision. Do I just order it and let it come and if I don't like it return it? UGH!!!!

This is the crib and changing table I decided on....I know they are old fashioned but I love it!!!!

Besides that - I have decided on nothing - except all the clothes that I keep buying her! I cant help it!!! Girls clothes are too cute! Tell the retailers to stop making such adorable clothes and I will stop spending!!! hahahah

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

100th Post


My 100th Post!

And I feel terrible that its nothing exciting....

Had my 15 1/2 week appointment yesterday. Apparently that would have been the appointment where they would have done more testing but since we had the CVS we didn't need to do it! So we listened to Nola's heart beat and talked to the doctor for a few minutes and we were out of there!!!

She said I finally gained On the low end of the curve just catching up?? I never had a problem gaining weight before until now so that was kind of cool, I have gained 4 pounds. My blood pressure was great and my urine tested negative! She said I am measuring right on schedule and all is great so far!

4 months down! I never thought I would be here. I guess Nola was the one that wanted to stay! As long as she stays snuggled in there for rest of the time, we will be good!

We cant wait to meet her!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dress

Ok - Here it is...I have another dress that might be better but tell me what you think honestly!

Not much to report

I haven't written in over a week because I feel I have nothing interesting to say....Nothing new is happening really...Made it to my 15th week which is a big deal for me! I have a wedding this weekend and I am struggling with what to wear. Of course there is no hiding the belly I just feel soo weird with it sticking out. I have spent the last 5 years trying to make sure my belly was flat in dresses like this so its hard to see it sticking out...its cute but weird!

Cant seem to get the picture to load onto my computer so as soon as I do Ill post it for opinions. I have another one that is better for the belly but I feel like it shows a lot of back fat! Tell me what you think and be honest..I have a few other dresses or I can go shopping for a new one (not that I want to).

I haven't felt her kick yet...I'm trying to make sure I pay close attention to my belly so I don't miss it if it happens early. I have of course already started shopping and I am finishing up my registry on Friday so that is out of the way!

I just booked our last vacation before she is born. We decided on a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda since I have the worst anxiety about flying. I figured it would not be good to get her all messed up from my anxiety. We were able to get a balcony room and I am soo excited!!! It will be nice to relax. Drive 45 minutes to the cruise and hop on! Sounds relaxing to me as long as a hurricane doesn't hit!hahah

Well, anyway like I said, life is status quot right now. Have doctors appointment on Tue so Ill let you know how that goes...not sure what they are going to do?

Monday, August 10, 2009

NT Scan Results

Last Thursday they called me with less than appealing NT Scan results. The nasal bone was clearly present and the fluid measured a perfect 1.3 but when she called she told me that my blood work for my age should show a risk of
1 in 315 and mine was...
1 in 91.....tears...

Now I understand that its just a 1% chance the baby might have Down Syndrome and the test is there to show if you might be at an increased risk but after everything we have been through - SERIOUSLY????

We then had a decision to make....

1) say Thank You and move on
2) go to a genetic counselor...

We chose to go see a genetic counselor with the likelihood that we would have a CVS done that day BUT with the option to back out of course. The genetic counselor they use was not available but on vacation so they asked if I could go Friday to Tufts Medical in Boston. Of course we made ourselves available....

10:45 we found ourselves at Tufts in the waiting room...some there for their regular check-ups and some there for the same reason as me and some crying at the possibilities. We wait 45 minutes to be seen which of course makes it so much worse!!!

She was so super nice and caring but I thought genetic counseling would be more than it was...I thought we would talk about the CVS and Amnio (which we did) and then she would go over our results and why/how they came back elevated (which she did) and then go over family history, then do another U/S then re-calculate our risk. They didn't do that...she basically just talked to us about the items above and then told us we would have to make a decision right then and there if we would like to have a CVS since I was 13 weeks and 2 days and it cant be done any later. I could opt to go home and wait 2 more weeks for an amnio.

Risk of miscarriage for a CVS is 1 in 100 and Amnio is 1 in 200....Basically the same % that it is that they baby even has downs...but I had to know...I could not just walk away without doing it slightly safer for an amnio, yes, but CVS's are safe I decided to do it right there and then.

AS you all know I'm a frady cat....Well, the unknown is worse than the actual procedure...I was FREAKING! Once we saw the baby I wanted to back out. I was thinking she looks fine...but if looking was all it took then they would know she was fine and wouldn't make me do the CVS right? I made the doctor tell me every step she was doing, which she did and you know what - the CVS was the least painful procedure I have had in the 2.5 years I have been struggling to get pregnant!!!

So then comes the would take about 24 hours for the results so she said she would call Tuesday. OMG, the wait is excruciating! Especially if you have anxiety like I do...What would I do if the baby was sick? This was not how I have thought of our life? Jack is never home cause he works so much - how was I going to care for a child that needs all that special attention? What would the severity be? I had to try and focus on the fact that there was a 99% chance in our favor!

So, I was at my sister's pool yesterday and at 3pm the phone rang and as soon as I saw the number I knew it was her....I was nervous but picked it up right away...

Amy - Hi
Me - Hi
Amy - How are you?
Me - Good, you?
Amy - Good, the baby is fine!
Me - shaking I'm so happy - OK, so what is it?
Amy - Are you sure you want to know...
Me - ABSOLUTELY!! (in my mind I'm thinking, we want a girl, but I know its going to be a boy cause everyone said that's what they thought)
Amy - Its a GIRL!!!!!!!
Me - tears.....

She said she would call in 14 days with the rest of the results but that these basically said the baby is fine, definitely no down syndrome.

My poor sister and niece, I ran out of there like a bat out of hell and jumped in my car. We live on the same street which I should have been driving slow on but I bombed down the street and Jack was fixing the deck and he was watching me like WTF? I was peeling into the driveway!

I got out of the car and said "She called" and he said yeh...and I said "She is fine"! Now, let me tell you - in 10 years of being together I have never seen him react that way - it was like he won the lottery!!! He yelled and his eyes welled up and he hugged me! It was the best moment of our life up until now!

My baby girl Nola....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

13 Weeks

I can not figure out what is wrong with my printer/scanner so I had to take pictures of the u/s pictures so I could post them. They might be kind of blurry but its all I have for now.

Baby Griffin was upside down on its knees with the hands to the face. Looks like the baby is praying. This was how the baby was when we first started the ultra sound

This was baby griffins 2nd position which happened like 10 seconds later.

This was baby griffin's 3rd position in like a minute. Baby G was moving soo much it was hysterical!

After the third position he/she was arching its back and stretching. I never thought that I would ever be able to see something this amazing. My dad keeps telling me it looks like a girl from the profile which I think is soo funny! We would love to have a girl but when I look at it I think it is a boy...hahah who knows right? Well know on Tuesday.

Here are some shots of me...they are not very good!

My belly is sticking out much more than most people 13 weeks pregnant! Dam all those IVF drugs! hahah ( I can still pretend right?) hahha

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NT Scan

On Friday we had our NT Scan. I was so nervous (as usual).....our u/s tech was the one that did the first u/s and was sooo nice - she was like "don't be nervous, it will be fine"...

Oh...Baby Griffin is soo cute!!! At first I was worried because it looked like Baby G was having convulsions but the tech said she/he was just moving around...Baby G cooperated very well for the tech so she could do the measurements and then she surprised us again and threw on the 3D!!! I swore I thought I saw a penis...hahah but I asked her about the sex and she said although it is formed it is too small to see so she doesn't bother looking because she would not want to mis-inform us. Bummer....guess well have to wait another 2 months!

She gave us pictures of the 3D and 2 of beautiful Baby G's side view...everyone that has seen the pictures says the profile looks like a girl..hahah (I will post them as soon as I can figure out what is wrong with the scan on my printer).

I asked her when we get the results and how do they measure this? I knew the answer but since she didn't mention the measurement I wanted to get her to tell me. She said that they want it to measure under 2.5 (which you all already know) and that Baby G did which was very good. Now we just have to wait a week for the blood work results!

I am feeling so much better these days but of course today I feel yucky! I need to get so much done and don't feel like doing any of it! Jack and I had a nice 4 days up at the beach....I cant believe how big my belly is already for 13 weeks. Thank god everyone else that was on these drugs is the same way. If you are not yet pregnant - be prepared if you get pregnant via IVF or IUI with shots....the minute you find out you are pregnant your belly will be bloated, unless you are just lucky and it never bloats! Its not that big of a deal but it would be better if it was hard so you actually knew I was pregnant and not just getting fat! hahah

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Freaked

So last night at work - here is why I am freaked....

The tables that we have outside the bar that I was waiting on have a step up to get into them - a couple sat themselves there while it was dirty so I had to go clean it while they were sitting there which means stepping up on the lip/step up while I reach across to clean as far as I my stomach is kind of against the booth/table part right at my mid-section and I slipped...causing me to smack my belly right where it hurts/ of course I was freaking out. I tried to remember my little shrimpy is very small and probably didn't even feel the bump cause it really wasn't too bad.

To make sure I always listen to her/him with the doppler before we go to bed at night and she/he is always at a hear rate of 170-180 but last night it was 160's so I checked this morning to make sure and it was 150's so now I am panicking...did I hurt the baby? Is it just early in the morning and he/she is just getting up or is it just a fluke?

We have an appointment for our NT Scan tomorrow at 945 so I am going to see a little later on if it gets stronger??

Did this happen to anyone? At what stage do their heart beats slow anyway - I thought it was like 18 weeks?

Monday, July 27, 2009

I sort of feel like I am not sure what to post about anymore...I don't want to make people that follow me that have not yet gotten pregnant feel bad but the only thing to talk about with what is going on with me is about pregnancy...Ill try to keep it simple as to not offend anyone...I am and will always be infertile. I did not get pregnant the easy way at all. In the end the IVF was not that bad but it would have been a lot easier if it had just happened....but I hope I can still lend advice and encouragement to those who are going through IUI and IVF in hopes to ease some concerns etc.

I have the NT scan on Friday....I'm kind of freaking out about it...I mean I am sure everyone who does it is nervous ....just because you end up getting pregnant does not mean that the worrying and anxiety stops...there are still so many things that can happen. I am sure everything will be fine but its still an uneasy feeling that you have. After all this time and all the things we had to go through to get here lets hope God can bless us one more time with a healthy baby!

We are going to go to the Cape or Maine after the appointment for a few days which will be nice - hopefully they will give us some sort of idea at the u/s as to what we are looking at?

The nurse practitioner told us that we could not travel out of the country after 20 weeks...we had not really planned on that information. We were going to go away one last time in November but that means we have to go before Sept 28Th which is my 20 week appointment???? She said it was because before 20 weeks if something were to happen there is really not much they can do but after 20 weeks there is a lot they can do and we need to be somewhere medical help is the same as the U.S which leaves no where we wanted to go! hahah So...what I think I am going to do is next appointment with the doctor herself I am going to ask her if the first week in October would be OK. There is a great 9-10 days cruise out of Boston or NJ that goes to the Caribbean and its cheap and I can avoid getting on an airplane which is TOTALLY key! I actually felt kind of selfish and stupid because she said after all it took you to get here you wouldn't want to jeopardize it...of course I wouldn't but I guess we were thinking were not high risk so why would we think something would happen?

Anyway - anyone else been told this? I have been on plenty of vacations and seen plenty of preggo's that are farther along than 20 weeks....and I am not a high risk pregnancy so what gives???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its been a long time coming......

Hi everyone....

Sorry its been so long since I have made a post. I know you all understand why I was away but I thank you for your patience.

I have still been reading all the blogs I follow everyday!!!

So, as you know...I went in May 20Th for my retrieval and May 25Th for my transfer. We transfered one "GORGEOUS" (as the doctor said) embryo - she said the middle which becomes the fetus was a B and the outside which becomes the placenta was an A....

So, of course, I started taking pregnancy tests 4dp5dt....and I am sure you have all guessed it by now but....

I'm Pregnant

We are soo happy!!! I know I was one of the lucky people to have been able to only do IVF once and become pregnant but after the 2.5 year battle I am so relieved. We even had 2 to freeze!!!

I am fortunate that I picked a wonderful doctor and they have been soo accommodating in letting me come every week and if not every other! The hear beat is nice and strong and has been from the beginning. The first u/s at 7 weeks was 156 and now its been 175-180 consistently!!! I rented a Doppler too and am able to hear the baby all the time!!!

I have to say it was funny at my 8 week...the u/s tech flipped a switch and showed us the baby on the 3D u/s and it literally looks just like the books say - like a little shrimp! So I have been calling her/him Shrimpy!

Anyway, that's all for now...Ill be back to posting, although I will understand if you don't want to read anymore since it will probably be about pregnancy sometimes but I hope you all still do. Forget to mention that I am currently 11 weeks.

You have all been my life line through this...when no one understood you all did and you have no idea how great that is!! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Best Way to Do Your Shots!

OK LISTEN UP!!!- this has nothing to do with me per say...but I have been reading all sorts of blogs for so long and there is one thing that I just don't understand!!! WHY does everyone insist on doing their shots in their stomach where it hurts??????? I have left numerous comments on blogs trying to help people but I still see all these blogs with people doing shots in their stomach.

For my first IVF if you followed me I had 17 eggs retrieved and the entire time I did ALL shots in my thighs...alternating every night and I did the HCG shot in my thigh too - hence why I never felt sick and never got bruises!

So I'm telling you all after 4 IUI's and so far 1 IVF - DO THE SHOTS IN THE THIGH!!!

TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Progesterone Oil Shots!

All I have to say there is nothing like a protruding belly...oh wait - it would be great if I were actually pregnant...

A protruding belly from this stupid shit called PROGESTERONE OIL! WTF!!! I mean being pregnant and have a little belly is one thing but when you are not pregnant and you have a little belly - NOT COOL!!

Did anybody do anything that helped the bloating? Its not awful but its enough to be completely annoying in clothing and bathing suits....

If you have any suggestions, besides stopping the PIO, please let me know!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hey everyone!

I wanted to add something to my last post but figured I would just make a new entry. I wanted to let you know that I kept the date of my beta a secret because that is something that I don't plan on sharing at this time.

Jack and I made the mistake of sharing the news of our first pregnancy over 2 years ago with everyone. This time we have decided that we are not going to tell anyone but our family. There are too many people that read my blog at this time and its not that I don't want to share I just don't want to have to explain to everyone if I have another miscarriage or whatever...

I hope that everyone understands and can be supportive of this. I will try and post but we will see how that turns out. Know that I am obsessed with reading everyone else's blogs and will continue to do so and will still comment - you just might not see a post from me for awhile.

Thank you so much for all your support and love through my first IVF journey. I definitely could not have made it without all that support, love and advice! Best of luck to you all!!! Much Love

My Day of Transfer

I brought my journal with me so I could write down exactly what was going on so I wouldn't forget to write it all.

I woke up at 730 so I could get to acupuncture at 830.

When we got there at 830 exactly and the phone rang. It was RSC confirming my transfer appointment for 11AM - have to be there at 10AM. She asked if there was anyway we could get there earlier? I said I am currently walking into acupuncture and that as soon as we got out I would head there......Acupuncture was great...a little rough when she got to the abdomen where the uterine lining is!

We arrived at 940 and got comfortable in our area of space. Kathy (the awesome nurse from Wednesday was there) and she got us situated and gave me my water to start!

940 first glass of water and was given my Valium
945 first glass done
I was eating saltines so I could make my mouth dry so it would be easier to guzzle the water.
955 second glass of water done and on to 3rd
1000 finished water

I was feeling a little sick from drinking it that fast..hahah

Went in for u/s at 1000 to see if my bladder was full...certainly didn't feel it...and low and behold it wasn't. onto my fourth glass - and now I am going to PEE MY PANTS!

The nurse came and and told me to get undressed from the waist down and that they would be in shortly..really - I'm dying here!!

Now its 1022 and they are almost ready - I cant wait to hear the embie results!

They are back and ready with my full bladder - here are the embie results:

We wanted to transfer only one and she said that one is "GORGEOUS"! The center of the blastocyst (inner cell mass) will become the fetus and was graded an A and the surface cells that surround the center (trophectoderm) which will become the placenta were a B. She said it was a great blastocysts! And she commented that the transfer could not have gone better. I was able to watch on the screen as they put my little embie in its perfect spot. She said that the embie is the size of a fleck of dust..interesting ha?

As for the other 13 fertilized...I guessed 6 would make it, Jack guessed 7, My sister guessed 9 and "We Have Angel Wings" guessed 7....

None of us were right...she said there might be 2 that will be able to be frozen. One is looking really good and there is another that is lagging behind but could get to the point where it could be frozen. She said they had looked at them at 730 in the morning so a lot could change...She said that there will maybe be 2 - cant promise but it was looking good! She said they will review them again and if there are any viable to freeze they will do so and send a letter out letting us know how many, if any. SO now, of course I'm dying to get that letter!!!

Here are some pictures of our day!

I saved the best for last...My "GORGEOUS" Blastocyst!