Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Freaked

So last night at work - here is why I am freaked....

The tables that we have outside the bar that I was waiting on have a step up to get into them - a couple sat themselves there while it was dirty so I had to go clean it while they were sitting there which means stepping up on the lip/step up while I reach across to clean as far as I my stomach is kind of against the booth/table part right at my mid-section and I slipped...causing me to smack my belly right where it hurts/ of course I was freaking out. I tried to remember my little shrimpy is very small and probably didn't even feel the bump cause it really wasn't too bad.

To make sure I always listen to her/him with the doppler before we go to bed at night and she/he is always at a hear rate of 170-180 but last night it was 160's so I checked this morning to make sure and it was 150's so now I am panicking...did I hurt the baby? Is it just early in the morning and he/she is just getting up or is it just a fluke?

We have an appointment for our NT Scan tomorrow at 945 so I am going to see a little later on if it gets stronger??

Did this happen to anyone? At what stage do their heart beats slow anyway - I thought it was like 18 weeks?


  1. it depends on the activity level of the baby, sometimes my baby is sleeping and isn't as fast as she typically is when she is doing martital arts in my belly. I would monitor it throughout the day, but trust me, I'm sure baby is fine, you aren't cramping or bleeding, so baby is prolly just napping.

  2. I wouldn't worry about it. That is within the normal range. He/she was probably sleeping when you listened in.

  3. I agree with Tiffany.

    I'll be 12 wks tomorrow. At 7 wks, my baby's heart rate was 118. When I was super stressed out at 8w5d, his hr was 162. The next day it was 156. At 9w5d, he was at 148, and yesterday was down to 133, which is still very normal and the doctor was not at all concerned. As an IVFer myself, I definitely know how scary even little things can be, especially after the long road we had to take to get to this point. Just try to stay positive, and rest when your body tells you to. :)

  4. :( I've thought about this too, when I've THOUGHT I was pregnant. And I always thought it WOULD hurt the baby. But I dunno.

    I hope it didn't.