Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NT Scan

On Friday we had our NT Scan. I was so nervous (as usual).....our u/s tech was the one that did the first u/s and was sooo nice - she was like "don't be nervous, it will be fine"...

Oh...Baby Griffin is soo cute!!! At first I was worried because it looked like Baby G was having convulsions but the tech said she/he was just moving around...Baby G cooperated very well for the tech so she could do the measurements and then she surprised us again and threw on the 3D!!! I swore I thought I saw a penis...hahah but I asked her about the sex and she said although it is formed it is too small to see so she doesn't bother looking because she would not want to mis-inform us. Bummer....guess well have to wait another 2 months!

She gave us pictures of the 3D and 2 of beautiful Baby G's side view...everyone that has seen the pictures says the profile looks like a girl..hahah (I will post them as soon as I can figure out what is wrong with the scan on my printer).

I asked her when we get the results and how do they measure this? I knew the answer but since she didn't mention the measurement I wanted to get her to tell me. She said that they want it to measure under 2.5 (which you all already know) and that Baby G did which was very good. Now we just have to wait a week for the blood work results!

I am feeling so much better these days but of course today I feel yucky! I need to get so much done and don't feel like doing any of it! Jack and I had a nice 4 days up at the beach....I cant believe how big my belly is already for 13 weeks. Thank god everyone else that was on these drugs is the same way. If you are not yet pregnant - be prepared if you get pregnant via IVF or IUI with shots....the minute you find out you are pregnant your belly will be bloated, unless you are just lucky and it never bloats! Its not that big of a deal but it would be better if it was hard so you actually knew I was pregnant and not just getting fat! hahah


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