Tuesday, August 25, 2009

100th Post


My 100th Post!

And I feel terrible that its nothing exciting....

Had my 15 1/2 week appointment yesterday. Apparently that would have been the appointment where they would have done more testing but since we had the CVS we didn't need to do it! So we listened to Nola's heart beat and talked to the doctor for a few minutes and we were out of there!!!

She said I finally gained weight...me? On the low end of the curve just catching up?? I never had a problem gaining weight before until now so that was kind of cool, I have gained 4 pounds. My blood pressure was great and my urine tested negative! She said I am measuring right on schedule and all is great so far!

4 months down! I never thought I would be here. I guess Nola was the one that wanted to stay! As long as she stays snuggled in there for rest of the time, we will be good!

We cant wait to meet her!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dress

Ok - Here it is...I have another dress that might be better but tell me what you think honestly!

Not much to report

I haven't written in over a week because I feel I have nothing interesting to say....Nothing new is happening really...Made it to my 15th week which is a big deal for me! I have a wedding this weekend and I am struggling with what to wear. Of course there is no hiding the belly I just feel soo weird with it sticking out. I have spent the last 5 years trying to make sure my belly was flat in dresses like this so its hard to see it sticking out...its cute but weird!

Cant seem to get the picture to load onto my computer so as soon as I do Ill post it for opinions. I have another one that is better for the belly but I feel like it shows a lot of back fat! Tell me what you think and be honest..I have a few other dresses or I can go shopping for a new one (not that I want to).

I haven't felt her kick yet...I'm trying to make sure I pay close attention to my belly so I don't miss it if it happens early. I have of course already started shopping and I am finishing up my registry on Friday so that is out of the way!

I just booked our last vacation before she is born. We decided on a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda since I have the worst anxiety about flying. I figured it would not be good to get her all messed up from my anxiety. We were able to get a balcony room and I am soo excited!!! It will be nice to relax. Drive 45 minutes to the cruise and hop on! Sounds relaxing to me as long as a hurricane doesn't hit!hahah

Well, anyway like I said, life is status quot right now. Have doctors appointment on Tue so Ill let you know how that goes...not sure what they are going to do?

Monday, August 10, 2009

NT Scan Results

Last Thursday they called me with less than appealing NT Scan results. The nasal bone was clearly present and the fluid measured a perfect 1.3 but when she called she told me that my blood work for my age should show a risk of
1 in 315 and mine was...
1 in 91.....tears...

Now I understand that its just a 1% chance the baby might have Down Syndrome and the test is there to show if you might be at an increased risk but after everything we have been through - SERIOUSLY????

We then had a decision to make....

1) say Thank You and move on
2) go to a genetic counselor...

We chose to go see a genetic counselor with the likelihood that we would have a CVS done that day BUT with the option to back out of course. The genetic counselor they use was not available but on vacation so they asked if I could go Friday to Tufts Medical in Boston. Of course we made ourselves available....

10:45 we found ourselves at Tufts in the waiting room...some there for their regular check-ups and some there for the same reason as me and some crying at the possibilities. We wait 45 minutes to be seen which of course makes it so much worse!!!

She was so super nice and caring but I thought genetic counseling would be more than it was...I thought we would talk about the CVS and Amnio (which we did) and then she would go over our results and why/how they came back elevated (which she did) and then go over family history, then do another U/S then re-calculate our risk. They didn't do that...she basically just talked to us about the items above and then told us we would have to make a decision right then and there if we would like to have a CVS since I was 13 weeks and 2 days and it cant be done any later. I could opt to go home and wait 2 more weeks for an amnio.

Risk of miscarriage for a CVS is 1 in 100 and Amnio is 1 in 200....Basically the same % that it is that they baby even has downs...but I had to know...I could not just walk away without doing something.....is it slightly safer for an amnio, yes, but CVS's are safe too...so I decided to do it right there and then.

AS you all know I'm a frady cat....Well, the unknown is worse than the actual procedure...I was FREAKING! Once we saw the baby I wanted to back out. I was thinking she looks fine...but if looking was all it took then they would know she was fine and wouldn't make me do the CVS right? I made the doctor tell me every step she was doing, which she did and you know what - the CVS was the least painful procedure I have had in the 2.5 years I have been struggling to get pregnant!!!

So then comes the wait...it would take about 24 hours for the results so she said she would call Tuesday. OMG, the wait is excruciating! Especially if you have anxiety like I do...What would I do if the baby was sick? This was not how I have thought of our life? Jack is never home cause he works so much - how was I going to care for a child that needs all that special attention? What would the severity be? I had to try and focus on the fact that there was a 99% chance in our favor!

So, I was at my sister's pool yesterday and at 3pm the phone rang and as soon as I saw the number I knew it was her....I was nervous but picked it up right away...

Amy - Hi
Me - Hi
Amy - How are you?
Me - Good, you?
Amy - Good, the baby is fine!
Me - shaking I'm so happy - OK, so what is it?
Amy - Are you sure you want to know...
Me - ABSOLUTELY!! (in my mind I'm thinking, we want a girl, but I know its going to be a boy cause everyone said that's what they thought)
Amy - Its a GIRL!!!!!!!
Me - tears.....

She said she would call in 14 days with the rest of the results but that these basically said the baby is fine, definitely no down syndrome.

My poor sister and niece, I ran out of there like a bat out of hell and jumped in my car. We live on the same street which I should have been driving slow on but I bombed down the street and Jack was fixing the deck and he was watching me like WTF? I was peeling into the driveway!

I got out of the car and said "She called" and he said yeh...and I said "She is fine"! Now, let me tell you - in 10 years of being together I have never seen him react that way - it was like he won the lottery!!! He yelled and his eyes welled up and he hugged me! It was the best moment of our life up until now!

My baby girl Nola....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

13 Weeks

I can not figure out what is wrong with my printer/scanner so I had to take pictures of the u/s pictures so I could post them. They might be kind of blurry but its all I have for now.

Baby Griffin was upside down on its knees with the hands to the face. Looks like the baby is praying. This was how the baby was when we first started the ultra sound

This was baby griffins 2nd position which happened like 10 seconds later.

This was baby griffin's 3rd position in like a minute. Baby G was moving soo much it was hysterical!

After the third position he/she was arching its back and stretching. I never thought that I would ever be able to see something this amazing. My dad keeps telling me it looks like a girl from the profile which I think is soo funny! We would love to have a girl but when I look at it I think it is a boy...hahah who knows right? Well know on Tuesday.

Here are some shots of me...they are not very good!

My belly is sticking out much more than most people 13 weeks pregnant! Dam all those IVF drugs! hahah ( I can still pretend right?) hahha

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NT Scan

On Friday we had our NT Scan. I was so nervous (as usual).....our u/s tech was the one that did the first u/s and was sooo nice - she was like "don't be nervous, it will be fine"...

Oh...Baby Griffin is soo cute!!! At first I was worried because it looked like Baby G was having convulsions but the tech said she/he was just moving around...Baby G cooperated very well for the tech so she could do the measurements and then she surprised us again and threw on the 3D!!! I swore I thought I saw a penis...hahah but I asked her about the sex and she said although it is formed it is too small to see so she doesn't bother looking because she would not want to mis-inform us. Bummer....guess well have to wait another 2 months!

She gave us pictures of the 3D and 2 of beautiful Baby G's side view...everyone that has seen the pictures says the profile looks like a girl..hahah (I will post them as soon as I can figure out what is wrong with the scan on my printer).

I asked her when we get the results and how do they measure this? I knew the answer but since she didn't mention the measurement I wanted to get her to tell me. She said that they want it to measure under 2.5 (which you all already know) and that Baby G did which was very good. Now we just have to wait a week for the blood work results!

I am feeling so much better these days but of course today I feel yucky! I need to get so much done and don't feel like doing any of it! Jack and I had a nice 4 days up at the beach....I cant believe how big my belly is already for 13 weeks. Thank god everyone else that was on these drugs is the same way. If you are not yet pregnant - be prepared if you get pregnant via IVF or IUI with shots....the minute you find out you are pregnant your belly will be bloated, unless you are just lucky and it never bloats! Its not that big of a deal but it would be better if it was hard so you actually knew I was pregnant and not just getting fat! hahah