Tuesday, August 25, 2009

100th Post


My 100th Post!

And I feel terrible that its nothing exciting....

Had my 15 1/2 week appointment yesterday. Apparently that would have been the appointment where they would have done more testing but since we had the CVS we didn't need to do it! So we listened to Nola's heart beat and talked to the doctor for a few minutes and we were out of there!!!

She said I finally gained weight...me? On the low end of the curve just catching up?? I never had a problem gaining weight before until now so that was kind of cool, I have gained 4 pounds. My blood pressure was great and my urine tested negative! She said I am measuring right on schedule and all is great so far!

4 months down! I never thought I would be here. I guess Nola was the one that wanted to stay! As long as she stays snuggled in there for rest of the time, we will be good!

We cant wait to meet her!

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  1. So glad everything is looking good! And I hear ya with the weight thing!