Sunday, April 22, 2012

Im not even sure at this point if anyone still follows my blog. I don't blame them if they don't since its been about a year since I have updated.

Anyway, this is just a post to introduce NolaBear Designs.... I know some of you have daughters and if not know people that do or will need a shower gift or birthday gift at some point :-)

You can find us on under
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We sell custom barrette holders, custom wall letters, handmade headbands and beautiful, unique barrettes. Come check us out!

If you have any questions you can email me at or you can comment here :-)
I hope everyone is doing well!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Florida and other stuff

We just got back form vacation a few days ago....we went to visit J's parents in Florida and then went to Orlando for 4 nights...we couldn't get Nola out of the pool! Tank god for the zero entry not that it would have mattered....she would go running in up to her neck (with us following of course) and a ton of times she fell and went under and we would just pick her right up and she wouldn't even be upset...why cant she do that in swimming lessons? Thank god she loves the water, the beach will be a lot of fun this year!

When we got home I had to bring Nola for her 15 month check-up. I always dread these because of the shots...I cant bare to see her in pain...anyway..I knew that Nola was thin..But I mean tall and slender no sickly skinny - she doesn't have a big appetite and when she is teething she pretty much doesn't eat...Well she only weighed 20.8 which was a pound less than last time so now she has fallen off the "curve" so we have to go back in a month to get weighed....J was very concerned....I mean yeah I know she needs more fat and isn't a big eater but she also started walking and is very active....I think she will gain weight and be fine. I don't want to freak out about it. That's not going to accomplish anything...

She is hysterical...her personality has really started to come out...she laughs constantly and squeals with excitement and dances to anything musical...she is pure joy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011 time has flown

I know I have been MIA..I don't know how you all do it...I cant seem to find enough time to sit here and write all I want to write....

Nola is 15 months old...I cant believe where the time has gone. She is the love of my life..she is more than that but words can not describe....

She walks, she laughs a lot, she hugs, she kisses, and her smile is infectious...I am not sure what I did with my life before her. Its not all roses all the time I have said to many people being a mom and taking care of her is easy..its the sleep deprivation that is an absolute killer...Yes, she sleeps 7-5 or sometimes longer but when she is teething it is a nightmare..I never remember anyone telling me teething times could be so bad! I think her last bottom eye tooth is coming in and then hopefully the top ones wont be so bad....she is such a good, good little girl.

For now, this is all I have time to write...Ill leave you with some pictures of my Nola Bear and hope to post again soon....I check all your blogs all the time though to make sure you are all doing OK :-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stopping Time

I wish there was a way to stop make it freeze....

I knew when I got pregnant that this would more than likely be my only one...and when we found out it was our little Nola I knew we wouldn't have anymore. I still haven't had that feeling that I want to have another because its Nola I want to have all over again. I know that makes no sense to any of you I'm sure but...I love her more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone and I hate that she is already 7 months...

I'm a baby person...I want to freeze time right now...I want to freeze the smile that is plastered on her face every minute of every day. I want to freeze how she kicks in so much excitement when we walk in her room to get her from sleeping. I want to freeze how she giggles when I tickle her side. I want to freeze the mad women she has become in her jumparoo, up and down vigerously over and over (its hysterical). I want to freeze how she reaches for my face and brings it closer and I want to freeze how she giggles when swaddled when I kiss her lips.. I love her so much I want her to stay just he way she is.

I tell Jack (even though he already knows) that I don't want to have another baby, I want to have her all over again. She has been such a joy since the moment she joined the colic, no crying spells, no nothing...just all smiles.

Is it terrible to be so sad that she is not always going to be little? I'm tearing up writing this just thinking about it...I know there are joys at each age but I want this age.

I looked at some old videos Jack took of Nola in her first few weeks and months and he squeals etc are the cutest thing ever and I already forgot what she was like somewhat and that was always my biggest fear if you ask him, forgetting.

I'm babbling I know...I don't post as much anymore because all my time when she is up is hers..and when she sleeps, I have to get things done so I am sorry I don't post as much. Anyhow, I just wanted to get that all off my chest.

Here are some recent pictures of my girl!