Thursday, May 26, 2011

Florida and other stuff

We just got back form vacation a few days ago....we went to visit J's parents in Florida and then went to Orlando for 4 nights...we couldn't get Nola out of the pool! Tank god for the zero entry not that it would have mattered....she would go running in up to her neck (with us following of course) and a ton of times she fell and went under and we would just pick her right up and she wouldn't even be upset...why cant she do that in swimming lessons? Thank god she loves the water, the beach will be a lot of fun this year!

When we got home I had to bring Nola for her 15 month check-up. I always dread these because of the shots...I cant bare to see her in pain...anyway..I knew that Nola was thin..But I mean tall and slender no sickly skinny - she doesn't have a big appetite and when she is teething she pretty much doesn't eat...Well she only weighed 20.8 which was a pound less than last time so now she has fallen off the "curve" so we have to go back in a month to get weighed....J was very concerned....I mean yeah I know she needs more fat and isn't a big eater but she also started walking and is very active....I think she will gain weight and be fine. I don't want to freak out about it. That's not going to accomplish anything...

She is hysterical...her personality has really started to come out...she laughs constantly and squeals with excitement and dances to anything musical...she is pure joy!

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  1. We have a skinny minnie too, but he eats like a horse.

    Beautiful family there!