Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not much to report

I haven't written in over a week because I feel I have nothing interesting to say....Nothing new is happening really...Made it to my 15th week which is a big deal for me! I have a wedding this weekend and I am struggling with what to wear. Of course there is no hiding the belly I just feel soo weird with it sticking out. I have spent the last 5 years trying to make sure my belly was flat in dresses like this so its hard to see it sticking out...its cute but weird!

Cant seem to get the picture to load onto my computer so as soon as I do Ill post it for opinions. I have another one that is better for the belly but I feel like it shows a lot of back fat! Tell me what you think and be honest..I have a few other dresses or I can go shopping for a new one (not that I want to).

I haven't felt her kick yet...I'm trying to make sure I pay close attention to my belly so I don't miss it if it happens early. I have of course already started shopping and I am finishing up my registry on Friday so that is out of the way!

I just booked our last vacation before she is born. We decided on a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda since I have the worst anxiety about flying. I figured it would not be good to get her all messed up from my anxiety. We were able to get a balcony room and I am soo excited!!! It will be nice to relax. Drive 45 minutes to the cruise and hop on! Sounds relaxing to me as long as a hurricane doesn't hit!hahah

Well, anyway like I said, life is status quot right now. Have doctors appointment on Tue so Ill let you know how that goes...not sure what they are going to do?

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