Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Everyone!
I really don't have much to report, just felt bad because I hadn't posted in so long! We went on our last trip last week before Nola is born! We did a cruise to Bermuda out of Boston so I would not have to fly anywhere! It was a really great cruise and it was hot as hell in Bermuda! I have to say - everyone always told me that sitting in the sun is different when you are pregnant but I was not sure I believed them or was not sure that would apply to me since I am a sun worshiper....HOWEVER, I could not last longer than an hour it was soo fricken hot!!!! I had to sit in the shade most of the time!hahaha something I am definitely not usto to! I still managed to get a tan but it was tougher than normal!

It was smooth sailing except for the last day at sea on the way home. I know the Atlantic is rough, I have taken this cruise before BUT, OMG, I have NEVER been sea sick ever until last Thursday when I threw up 3 times...apparently pregnancy and rocky boats don't mix hahah!

We are now home until she is born - have to finally get her room cleared out because it is currently our spare bedroom! I have finally finished registering and ordered the baby shower invitations! The only thing I cant seem to decide on (I'm a horrible decision maker!) is bedding - the ones I like are $300 or more and the others that are more inexpensive I like but cant make a decision. Do I just order it and let it come and if I don't like it return it? UGH!!!!

This is the crib and changing table I decided on....I know they are old fashioned but I love it!!!!

Besides that - I have decided on nothing - except all the clothes that I keep buying her! I cant help it!!! Girls clothes are too cute! Tell the retailers to stop making such adorable clothes and I will stop spending!!! hahahah


  1. Good to hear from you!!! It had been a while :) Glad to hear that you enjoyed your final vacation before your baby girl gets here. You are way ahead of me right now with registering. We haven't started a thing! Good luck with everything!!

  2. There you are! Missed ya! I'm so jealous that you were able to get away!! lol Glad the trip went well, minus the extreme heat and the puking episode.

    I like the crib & changing table you picked out! And I hear ya with the clothes- baby clothes are just so adorable! I have 4 under-bed storage boxes plus about 5 other random boxes full of clothes (and shoes) for the baby! It's like an addiction! lol