Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anatomy Scan

Today was our 20 week anatomy scan...even though we know we are already having a girl we needed to do the routine check on the heart chambers and brain etc...She is looking great!

4 chambers of the heart, 2 sides of the brain, all the right bones in all the right places. She is perfect and she is still a girl! hahah

Here are some pictures of her from 13 weeks and (today) 20 weeks which I just finally figured out how to fix the scanner for!!!

This was Nola at our 13 week when we did the CVS. When she put the doppler on me she was upside down...Jack is convinced she was praying that I would be okay because I was so nervous.

13 weeks at CVS appointment

20 week appointment today

This is Nola in a 3D picture with her hands to her face. I thought she might be sucking her thumb because when she showed her on the regular u/s it showed her mouth making a sucking motion

This is her cute bum that shows she is out little girl, Nola

I am doing great and feeling great and feeling her kick more and more each day. Its the funniest thing that makes me giggle cause it tickles. I have to say I never thought that I would ever be here. I have faith that she will be okay and enter this world just the way she is supposed to. Anyway...here is 2 pictures of me on the cruise at about 18 weeks - I still look the same now but its wierd to have a little belly.

Me on our balcony overlooking Bermuda

Me in the lobby of the cruise ship

Thanks for stopping by. I have another appointment on Monday...I cant wait to see if I gained anymore weight other than 4lbs 3 weeks ago. Some of my stuff still fits buttoned below the belly but well see :-)


  1. Awwww! Hi, Nola! You're so cute!

    And you, Melissa, look great! I'm still jealous of your Bermuda cruise, minus the puking. lol Maybe hubby will take me to a tropical paradise after the baby is born. lol

  2. Oh, and I just noticed your watch in the first pic of you! I LOVE IT! I wanted it, but I don't wear watches unless I'm traveling (which is very rare), and I didn't have the money for it when I saw it lol

  3. you look so friggin cute pregnant, and I love the name Nola!

  4. You look great! not much of a belly really...still a belly though...your baby looks great too :)

  5. You look beautiful, I am so happy for you :)
    I am 15 weeks today :D