Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Doctors Appointment

So I've had this cold for 13 days now. It started as the normal cold with the sore throat and runny nose and then about 3 days later it seemed to have gone away. Then it came back 2 days after that but even worse....and then by Sunday it felt like it might be on its way out!!!! Oh but not so much - on Monday I got that cough.... You know the one that starts out hard and gives you a headache cause you cough so hard...but then Tuesday it turned into the one that starts to break things up inside the chest and you cant stop coughing!!!!

I figured I better try and go to the doctor...and Jack wanted me to get checked out in case since the baby. So today I felt slightly better but was able to get an appointment to get checked out by my primary care.

He was really nice - he was someone new...he did say that unfortunately its so much harder to fight a cold when your pregnant and that this could come and go for the last 5 months - fucking really (sorry for the language)? I don't think, actually I know, I cant live like this for the next 5 months.

He said everything sounded fine but my pulse was higher than it should be...he said it could be because I'm sick but he was still he told me that he wanted me to get blood work so he could check my white blood count and to make sure that I am hydrated enough.

I also told him that I needed to get the flu shot and he said they had some there and I could get it done right away. He sent me on my way and I went to the desk and was able to get the flu shot in 2, he is where the issues OB had told me to make sure to tell them I need the one that is Thermosal Free..NOW - did I remember to ask that? Of course NOT!!!! But they did know I was 5 months pregnant!!!

So, Jack called me like 5 minutes ago and said did you make sure it was Thermosal free? I almost died!!! I didn't!!!!!!! So I hung up with them and called and the women who answered the phone put me on hold and asked the nurse. She said the nurse checked my chart and I got the pre-filled syringe that is Thermosal Free....Now, I am so thankful - BUT - what if they just said that? Can they do that - or would they not give out the incorrect info in case cause they could be sued? Cause right about now, I'm freaking!!!! I didn't even want the shot and now look what I did? What kind of mother am I????

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  1. Oh honey, my mother smoked like a chimney and drank 3 or 4 Cokes a day while pregnant with me....I was 8 lbs 3 oz and turned into a highly functioning, responsible adult. So, I think a lot of that "don't do this if you're pregnant" stuff is just bull. Unless you're sporting a crack habit, I'd say your baby will be JUST FINE!