Monday, July 27, 2009

I sort of feel like I am not sure what to post about anymore...I don't want to make people that follow me that have not yet gotten pregnant feel bad but the only thing to talk about with what is going on with me is about pregnancy...Ill try to keep it simple as to not offend anyone...I am and will always be infertile. I did not get pregnant the easy way at all. In the end the IVF was not that bad but it would have been a lot easier if it had just happened....but I hope I can still lend advice and encouragement to those who are going through IUI and IVF in hopes to ease some concerns etc.

I have the NT scan on Friday....I'm kind of freaking out about it...I mean I am sure everyone who does it is nervous ....just because you end up getting pregnant does not mean that the worrying and anxiety stops...there are still so many things that can happen. I am sure everything will be fine but its still an uneasy feeling that you have. After all this time and all the things we had to go through to get here lets hope God can bless us one more time with a healthy baby!

We are going to go to the Cape or Maine after the appointment for a few days which will be nice - hopefully they will give us some sort of idea at the u/s as to what we are looking at?

The nurse practitioner told us that we could not travel out of the country after 20 weeks...we had not really planned on that information. We were going to go away one last time in November but that means we have to go before Sept 28Th which is my 20 week appointment???? She said it was because before 20 weeks if something were to happen there is really not much they can do but after 20 weeks there is a lot they can do and we need to be somewhere medical help is the same as the U.S which leaves no where we wanted to go! hahah So...what I think I am going to do is next appointment with the doctor herself I am going to ask her if the first week in October would be OK. There is a great 9-10 days cruise out of Boston or NJ that goes to the Caribbean and its cheap and I can avoid getting on an airplane which is TOTALLY key! I actually felt kind of selfish and stupid because she said after all it took you to get here you wouldn't want to jeopardize it...of course I wouldn't but I guess we were thinking were not high risk so why would we think something would happen?

Anyway - anyone else been told this? I have been on plenty of vacations and seen plenty of preggo's that are farther along than 20 weeks....and I am not a high risk pregnancy so what gives???


  1. I love reading your blog. Do not feel guilty about posting about your pregnancy. It gives all of us IFers hope that some day we to will be in your shoes. Looking forward to reading about your whole journey.

  2. I starting reading your posts just a couple weeks ago and i just wanted to say #1 CONGRATULATIONS!! and #2 don't feel bad about making us infertile couples feel bad! I really like hearing success stories, they are what give me more hope than anything! Its obvious that your BFP did not come for free, it has costs you a lot of heart ache and i'm sorry for that, but i am so happy for you that you are pregnant and you heard the heartbeat!! Best of luck to you and your family!

  3. Hope you are able to go on your last little getaway sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Comment on your pregnancy and how it's going, I'm now looking forward to following that journey. It gives the rest of us infertiles hope.

    A friend of mine traveled after 20 weeks to Mexico and her Dr. said it was fine so maybe it's just your doc being overly cautious.

  5. ...just post about whatever is going on with you. As things change, some will stay..some will go...and new people will keep coming by. :-) I've yet to read a pregnant blog that was insensitive, yet I can imagine I'll feel the same way some day.

  6. Melissa

    We've never gotten that far, but i thought 36 weeks was kind of the no go for travel. Tough call! I guess they are acting in an abundance of caution.

    I have fingers crossed for your nuchal scan. Of course you are nervous! I think infertility makes us especially anxious. We already have ample evidence that things may not go as they are "supposed" to.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments on our blog. We are sooo very excited to be joining you in the land of pregnancy!


  7. First off....AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! are going on 12 weeks correct?? Um, February, with me!! Yay!! How cool is that? :)

    Second...I have had those same feelings. It seems like all I have to post about is the pregnancy and I am afraid that I am losing readers :( However, I still have so much anxiety about something happening that the past IF will never go away. I will always know what it was like to be IF.

    I have read that you aren't supposed to travel later on, but I am not exactly sure when that starts...I would think it would be alright at 20 weeks, but I'm no Doc :)

    So...yay!!! I am so excited for you!!!