Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not a Great Day

Today was not a good day....Today's bad day ended with me in the hospital!

I woke up this morning and when I went to the bathroom it felt like my abdomen or bladder really hurt. I thought maybe I help my pee to long haha and over filled my bladder...But, when I started to walk around the house I realized how much pain I was in. I made it downstairs but it was awful. Jack had just gotten back from a run so i explained to him how much pain I was in and that I had to go lay in bed.

We had my nieces first birthday party to attend at 1pm so I thought if I laid low I would be OK. I took Tylenol and laid down til 12. I got up to get in the shower and brought my computer over to my desk and had to sit down again because I was in so much pain! WTF was going on?!

I told Jack I had to stay home and lay low and that I called the on call doctor. I found it hard to believe that it could be round ligament pain - seriously? It felt like I was having a diverticulitis flair up or backed up gas or a muscle pull!!! She told me that it was probably one of those but to watch it and to call her later. I had no other symptoms that would have led her to believe anything else.

I sat on the couch literally all afternoon while Jack went to the party without me! I used the heating pad as she suggested and took a GasX. I was feeling a little better - at least not as bad as I was before. At about 5 I had to go to the bathroom so I got up and was like OK...I'm good but the minute I went to the bathroom I thought I would die - the pain was so bad that I hardly could walk back to the couch. I finally made it back and sat down and rested for a minute. Figured I better call the doctor again, there is NO WAY this is round ligament pain! Seriously, I couldn't even walk! So when I called her I had started to feel soo much better - no pain anymore at all! But she said since it happened when I went to the bathroom she wanted me to come in because she didn't want to miss it if I hard the start of an infection!

I called Jack to come home from watching the Patriots to take me. We got there at about 545 and they put me in a room...they had me go give a urine sample and then the nurse came in and hooked me up to a monitor to check Nola's heart beat and she was fine (which I knew cause she has been kicking up a storm all day)! Then she hooked me up to another monitor to make sure I was not having contractions - which I wasn't thankfully!

I was feeling like such an ass because I felt fine now at this point! And I was starving and pissed cause they said nothing to eat or drink unless I could see through it until they knew what was up. Finally at 8pm....the doctor came in and said my urine was fine (good!) and proceeded to press on my belly at all points. She said if it was diverticulitis, it would still be very tender (which I am aware of) and that it was more than likely - yes you guess it! - friggen round ligament pain! I was like seriously - that painful that it would cause me to not be able to walk? Really...she said, yes absolutely. She said some people don't have it at all and then some people can get it so bad its debilitating! Yeah, tell me about it! So they cleared me to go home!

I am so glad that nothing was wrong....although it annoys me that it was something so stupid! But, I'm so glad that Nola is OK and that is all I cared about. I will not let anything happen to her! Not after all this time!

So, now I am home, I had pizza and french fries for dinner which was awesome and Nola is kicking up a storm still...She is seriously so active its nuts! But, I'm so glad I went to the hospital cause I never would have forgiven myself if there was in fact an issue and I ignored it because I felt stupid!


  1. I'm so thankful that everything is OK!!!

    I had pizza and french fries today too. Boy, were they good! lol

  2. I would have done the same exact thing!! Glad to hear everything turned out ok and I bet she's going to be a dancer by the sounds of it!! haha