Saturday, October 31, 2009

25 Weeks

I had my 25 week appointment yesterday! We are both doing good - Nola was still beating steadily at 150! Shes such a good baby already!

Unfortunately I did have to tell the doctor that I fell that morning like an idiot! Like seriously, in the middle of target none the less....I broke the fall with my hands and right knee so Nola was not touched at all but boy was I embarrassed! What a loser! She told me I might want to get rid of the heels and get some flats! Yeah, I know but I haven't found any I like and I like heals! She also told me that I HAVE to have the H1N1 shot which I had no intention of getting! She was very adamant so they will be calling when they get it.

I gained 6lbs for a total of 14 which makes me not a very happy girl but what can you do? I'm still within the normal curve but if I already gained 14 whats going to happen in the end? And my belly is small so where the hell is the weight going? hahahah I guess I better slow down on the pizza ha?

Nola's room is all painted. I picked up the chair and ottoman yesterday so Jack could bring it up today when he gets home from Florida. I bought an area rug that matched the ivory chenille chair but I am not sure I like it? And her furniture will be here next Saturday! YEAH!!! Sooo exciting! Here are some before and after pictures of the paint. Then I will take more when her furniture is here!

Have a great and safe Halloween!!!

Nola's Room before we started painting!

Nola's Room Painted!

Nola's Room Painted!


  1. The room is lookin' good! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

  2. It looks great!! I will be posting pics soon of little Aiden's room!! :)