Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seeing Nola

There really is not too much report - were still doing great over here. But I wanted to tell you all that we finally saw her kicking outside my stomach on Saturday!! I was so happy Jack got to see this finally - she is really a nut in there kicking and moving all the time! Last night after a very long day and Jack not being around when I went to bed I just watched my belly go! Sometimes I cant decide if Id rather watch the TV or her....its the most amazing experience.

Oh and her room is being painted right now as we speak. I took pictures of it empty and Ill take them while hes painting in stages - cant wait to see it finished with the furniture in it!


  1. Cant wait to see pictures! It must have felt so REAL to see the kick! That's what I keep telling myself--it'll be more real when I have a bump, or can feel it.

  2. Hubby finally got to see our little peanut kicking around in my tummy last night too! It's such an amazing experience. I will sit there forever it seems like and just watch my belly jump up and down. It's the coolest thing I think I have ever seen :)

    Hubby is also painting our nursery as we speak :) Im so excited to see what its going to look like when done! Good luck with everything!!

  3. Isn't it just amazing to see your stomach move like that. I know I'm just mesmerized by it! Glad everything is going well.