Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Day of Transfer

I brought my journal with me so I could write down exactly what was going on so I wouldn't forget to write it all.

I woke up at 730 so I could get to acupuncture at 830.

When we got there at 830 exactly and the phone rang. It was RSC confirming my transfer appointment for 11AM - have to be there at 10AM. She asked if there was anyway we could get there earlier? I said I am currently walking into acupuncture and that as soon as we got out I would head there......Acupuncture was great...a little rough when she got to the abdomen where the uterine lining is!

We arrived at 940 and got comfortable in our area of space. Kathy (the awesome nurse from Wednesday was there) and she got us situated and gave me my water to start!

940 first glass of water and was given my Valium
945 first glass done
I was eating saltines so I could make my mouth dry so it would be easier to guzzle the water.
955 second glass of water done and on to 3rd
1000 finished water

I was feeling a little sick from drinking it that fast..hahah

Went in for u/s at 1000 to see if my bladder was full...certainly didn't feel it...and low and behold it wasn't. Bummer...now onto my fourth glass - and now I am going to PEE MY PANTS!

The nurse came and and told me to get undressed from the waist down and that they would be in shortly..really - I'm dying here!!

Now its 1022 and they are almost ready - I cant wait to hear the embie results!

They are back and ready with my full bladder - here are the embie results:

We wanted to transfer only one and she said that one is "GORGEOUS"! The center of the blastocyst (inner cell mass) will become the fetus and was graded an A and the surface cells that surround the center (trophectoderm) which will become the placenta were a B. She said it was a great blastocysts! And she commented that the transfer could not have gone better. I was able to watch on the screen as they put my little embie in its perfect spot. She said that the embie is the size of a fleck of dust..interesting ha?

As for the other 13 fertilized...I guessed 6 would make it, Jack guessed 7, My sister guessed 9 and "We Have Angel Wings" guessed 7....

None of us were right...she said there might be 2 that will be able to be frozen. One is looking really good and there is another that is lagging behind but could get to the point where it could be frozen. She said they had looked at them at 730 in the morning so a lot could change...She said that there will maybe be 2 - cant promise but it was looking good! She said they will review them again and if there are any viable to freeze they will do so and send a letter out letting us know how many, if any. SO now, of course I'm dying to get that letter!!!

Here are some pictures of our day!

I saved the best for last...My "GORGEOUS" Blastocyst!


  1. Hey missy!!

    Been stalkin you since last night!!
    GL GL GL!!!
    okay I'll be the first to admit it... you have awesome thighs...lol....

  2. Gorgeous! Best of luck to you.

  3. You and your emby <3 How cute!

  4. Cant wait to find out how your little emby are doing. Grow baby grow!

  5. Yay!!! Good luck :) Fingers crossed for a sticky one!