Monday, May 4, 2009

Even jewlery made me feel bad

Has anyone ever heard of Pandora Jewlery? They are amazing charm bracelets but different than the typical one...HOWEVER, they cost a $1,000.00 - the charms themselves cost like $50.00 each..

Anyway...on with my story...I have wanted one of these forever but obviously cant drop $1000.00 on a bracelet so today I was at the Paper Store (Hallmark Store) and they just re-vamped the store to include an entire jewlery section.

Well, there is this jewlery section called Chamilia..its basically the exact same thing as Pandora but slightly here is the point of the story.

I asked the women behind the counter about them and was saying I was very excited to find them locally and now I know I can ask for gift cards etc so I can save up to get ome...and she says "well mothers day is coming up" you could get one for that?

I said...I am not a mother...and in my head said - thanks for reminding me......


  1. I'm so sorry about the crappy reminder. I know that sucks...
    BUT, Oh, oh, oh!!! I'm loving the Chamilia! I have loved the pandora but like you could never see myself owning anything like that. I fell in love with the murano glass pieces. I have a few jewelry pieces from Italy that are murano glass and they are georgous.

    I'm hoping the slightly cheaper part means actually doable. We'll see. Maybe I'll talk you're hubbie into it and you can talk mine? No? :o)

  2. Oh people suck!!! I know she didnt mean anything by it but come on! Why would you assume something like that. They just dont think.
    One time I was at the grocery store in the check out and the older lady who was ringing people up was whining to the lady at the register about how she had to get a full body scan as part of her check up this year. She said that her doctor wanted to do it because of her age and how she hated getting old and its just rediculous and scary. She was just whining and whining. Well I didnt really want to continue the conversation when I got up to the check out so I just smiled. And when she kept bitching I kinda giggled trying to lighten the mood. She stopped ringing me up and looked at me saying "ITS NOT FUNNY! You are young and healthy you have no idea what its like to be afraid of getting cancer or something like that!" I was like WHAT?! How did she know I was healthy? She could have just said that to someone whos child had cancer. Again my point is that people are absolutely oblivious to anyone else but themselves.

    Glad you found those cute charms I am going to look for them now. I love charm bracelets.

  3. I'm going to have to look for those charms. Sorry you had to be reminded of not being a mother.