Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hey everyone!

I wanted to add something to my last post but figured I would just make a new entry. I wanted to let you know that I kept the date of my beta a secret because that is something that I don't plan on sharing at this time.

Jack and I made the mistake of sharing the news of our first pregnancy over 2 years ago with everyone. This time we have decided that we are not going to tell anyone but our family. There are too many people that read my blog at this time and its not that I don't want to share I just don't want to have to explain to everyone if I have another miscarriage or whatever...

I hope that everyone understands and can be supportive of this. I will try and post but we will see how that turns out. Know that I am obsessed with reading everyone else's blogs and will continue to do so and will still comment - you just might not see a post from me for awhile.

Thank you so much for all your support and love through my first IVF journey. I definitely could not have made it without all that support, love and advice! Best of luck to you all!!! Much Love


  1. I totally understand. Take care of yourself and that gorgeous blast. Good luck to you. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for BFPs all around.

  2. I completely understand... while it will kill me to be anxiously awaiting... I get where you are coming from!! Wishing nothing but the best for you! :)

  3. Whatever you need to do. Do it. your friends/followers will understand. I understand. If you ever need anything from me just let me know. You know how to find me!

  4. Thinking of you! I really hope this IVF cycle is successful and that in 9 months, you'll have a beautiful and healthy baby. :-D

  5. I probably would do the same if I shared my blog with people IRL. Good for you for figuring out what works best for you and DH. Best of luck!


  6. The Reale family has their fingers crossed!

    Love, Melissa, Jeff and the 3 musketeers!!

  7. I've been there, too, and completely understand. It's much too hard to have to tell people when it doesn't work out. In fact, we're now going through our last ditch effort by using a gestational carrier and have only told five people! If she gets pregnant, we will wait the requisite 12 weeks to tell anyone else like most people who don't have to go through fertility treatments. Best wishes to you!