Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Check-Up After 4 Nights

Hi everyone!!!

I had my first u/s and b/w today after 4 nights of 225 units of gonal.
(Those are not my follicles above)

U/S tech said my lining was 8.3 and they like to see anything over 8.
She said that on the left ovary we have 9 follies...the largest measuring at 9 (they say they don't count them until they measure over 10) And on the right we have 6 follies with the largest at 8.
My estrogen was 286 (no idea what this means now)
My LH was .4 (no idea what this means now either)!!

I guessed it before hand...3 more nights of .5 Lupron & 225 gonal and another appointment on Sunday morning.

I think things are progressing nicely...I'm excited to see what Sunday brings!


  1. Sounds GREAT! Good luck! I think Sunday will bring good things :-)

  2. Awesome news! Keep growing, little follies. I have to go in for a Sunday morning check, too. I'll be excited to hear how you're doing.

  3. sounds like great news, lots of little follicles growing!

  4. Grow follies!! Grow! Sounds like things are going well so far.

  5. Yay! everything sounds like it is coming along smoothly :) Good luck!!

  6. looks like things are moving along great:) SO excited for you.. keep us updated.. following you all the way!!


  7. answer to Qu.- "Bravelle" is a "Stimulante".
    It contains FSH,like these other meds listed... Follistim, and Gonal-f.

  8. Everything sounds like it is moving along very nicely. Good Luck I have my fingers crossed for you.