Sunday, May 17, 2009

2nd Ultrasound Check

This morning at 915 I had my second u/s & b/w for my first IVF cycle.

Its funny, I felt some pressure the past 2 days especially on my left side so of course I expected to see a TON of LARGE follies...not so much (not bad though)....

My lining is 10
My Estrodial i 1,033
My LH is .07
Left ovary 16,14,13,12,11.5,10 (4 less than 10)
Right ovary 15.5,15,14.5,12.5,10.5 (5 less than 10)

When she called to give me the results I told her that I understand every body's body is different but how am I doing? She said that I am responding excellent to everything! I thought based on what I saw on the u/s screen that they would have me do 2-3 more nights of shots but she said they just want me to do one more tonight and come back tomorrow for a check-up again. She said although she is not my doctor my retrieval will probably be Wednesday or Thursday.

I cant believe it...I actually get butterflies in my stomach when I write that. I try not to get to excited because it does not always work on the first try and I am only putting one back in so....well see. I honestly just hope I have at least one or two to freeze so I don't have to do the shots and BCP's if this first try does not work.

Do you wonder like I do why it wouldn't work? There is nothing wrong with either of us besides my lower hormone would figure we'd be a shoe it right? But, with that said wouldn't you figure if that was the case that we'd be a shoe in to get pregnant the good ole fashioned way or through IUI? Guess again - apparently nothing wrong is not enough.

Stay Tuned...


  1. Sounds like things are progressing perfectly! Excellent report!

  2. Yay! And I think your numbers sound great. Our cycles are very close. I found out this morning at my 3rd check that I'll be triggering tonight and retrieval will be Tuesday morning! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us.

  3. Things are moving so FAST for you!! Everything is looking great!! Praying for you!!! Keep us updated;)

  4. Those numbers look fabulous! Good luck!

  5. Hey Melissa! Could you email me your med list like how much how many days etc.. I am trying to get a rough idea how much it would cost us just for the meds part :) I know everyone is different but just getting ideas :0


  6. Melissa! Good luck! Sorry I didnt say hello..There was a ton of women in there...I hope this works for you. You look like your responding well..Take is easy after transfer!! Lets pray for a sticky baby..