Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drugs at work

Don't be fooled by the title....

Have you ever had to mix your drug cocktail while literally working at a bar? Nope, oh don't worry I have - Ill tell you how it goes...

Me (to my sister-my coworker): Make sure I don't forget when its 8pm to take my shot
Her: Ok
Me: What time is it?
Her: Don't worry Ill tell you if its 8pm
Me: OK
Her: Why don't you set the alarm on your cell and put it in your pocket
Me: I could but that would take too much energy
Her: Its 8pm
Me: Can you get drinks for table 2
Her: Why
Me: Cause I need to go shoot up in the ladies room
Her: Ok

Me: Picture this...Ladies room, single stall, uniform - tight jeans, black belt, white shirt tucked in. I put my bag on the hook, take out the syringe, take out the Lupron and gauze and alcohol swab. I try balancing the swab, needle and Lupron in hands as to not is a ladies room that is clean but one can never be too careful. I get it all set and go to put in leg and when I start I can tell Nope..hit a bad spot and start to bleed so I stick my self somewhere else...GREAT - now I'm bleeding with gauze but no band aid and I have to tuck my WHITE shirt back in while I'm bleeding..LOVE IT!!!!

I wash my hands and my sister comes in and says

Her: You ok
Me: Yeh way
Her: I felt like you were taking too long and wanted to see if you needed help
Me: No, its an easy shot
Her: Well, I was worried, wanted to make sure you didn't go into anaphylactic shock or something (her making up stuff LOL)
Me: Ill show you the size of the baby needle and you will realize, I'm just fine.
Her: Oh, okay that's tiny
Me: I know

So, don't worry if you need to do the shots at work whether it be with alcohol or actual drugs.... I can certainly help :-)


  1. LOL.... imagine if the door would of flew open and a crowd of people were there

  2. Sounds like a blast! I hope all of your poking and proding ends with two lines on your pee stick!

  3. LOL. I took my lupron and menopur religiously at 9:30 every night. One night I took my lupron in a bathroom at a bar. I never took my menopur that way tho, would be difficult to mix. I was too worried about contamination. I would have done it at the sink, but I didn't want people staring at me. (I wonder if diabetics feel the same?)

  4. Well, at least you had your sister there! You're doing a great job my dear. I'm very proud of you. Keep it up. Can't wait to continue to watch your progress and of course I am praying for you and your hopefully soon BFP!!!!