Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Pill - The Pain in the But

2 weekends ago I told you all how I was going to prove everyone wrong who says "just go get drunk and have sex, you'll get pregnant"... What I didn't mention was that I had been doing new charting on and believe it or not...I ended up ovulating on day 19 - which happened to be Sat that I told you all we had drunk sex!!

Guess What? I was doesn't work! So when people tell you to just have drunk sex you can use me as a perfect example!

So today marks day 1...I am awaiting my instructions on when I have to go in for a baseline u/s if I even do..if not, I will receive my instructions on when to start the dreaded 3 week pill. Anyone hate this process? Why is it so god dam long?

So...the pill it is - I figure if all goes according to plan retrieval should be the week of May 18th. Did I tell you I got served with Jury Duty for that week - May 20th? Yeah - really... so...I sent a letter from my doctor and my sister works at the courthouse so they are going to try and move it for me..thank god - I don't even care if it has to be the following weeks just not the week of my first IVF retrieval.

Of course, if you have been following my blog, you know what a scaredy cat I I am nervous already - tell me not to be..I worried about going under and the pain after and believe it or not...everyone talks about the HUGE bloating that comes with it - NOT INTERESTED thanks.....

I'm sorry I haven't written sooner but my life's kind of boring so there is not much to report and I'm thinking you are probably not interested in me rambling about boring crap! hahah

Well, that's the update for now...Ill keep you posted.

Oh and BTW...anyone like Michael Kors? I scored these new sandals that rock at the store on sale for $60.00 SWEET - Ill post a picture when I take them out of the box. Shopping is about the only thing that keeps me least for a little while.


  1. show me your chart!!!! I'm soooo nosey I know! yeah, and tell those people RELAXING DON'T MAKE BABIES!!

  2. It's totally normal to be nervous! Anyone would be. If you have questions about anesthesia or are especially nervous about that, totally ask me anything. I can't give lots of wisdom on a lot of this stuff, but going under? Been there, done that, over thirty times!! All that surgery's gotta be good for some advice, if nothing else :)