Sunday, April 12, 2009

The doctor's office called today to give me an update and rundown of what is next.

I will start BCP's on Monday evening...
I will take the BCP's until May 4th
I will start Lupron somewhere in there (when I don't remember without the paper here)
I will then have an appointment on May 7th for baseline u/s & b/w

I cant believe I am doing IVF...I don't want to say that I am excited (even though I am) because there is only a 50% chance this will work - and that's providing they don't find that all my eggs are of poor quality (one of my many fears)...I almost don't expect anything from this...seems like when I do all I get is disappointment......


  1. I totally understand that hafl excited half fear about IVF! I am feeling that so much and have been puttin off starting it cuz right now the fear is winning! But not for long!

  2. It's so hard isn't it?

  3. I love your u/s and b/w sign - can I borrow? :)