Sunday, December 27, 2009

32 Weeks!

Sorry that I have been MIA lately. I am having such a terrible time with the pregnancy induced carpel tunnel - my right hand swells so bad that I literally cant type...anyway - here I am!

Things here are great. 33 weeks this week. I had my 32 week appointment last Tuesday and gained only 1 pound in the past 4 weeks for a total of 17! I'm doing pretty good if I say so myself! I thought I was going to gain so much more! She said she is going to give me an ultra-sound at 36 weeks to check her weight. Yeah - another chance to see Nola since its been so long. I know they say you cant see much cause she will be much bigger but I am still excited!

The gestational diabetes is under control - come to find out the only number that was off was my fasting number and she said it was only slightly but they wanted to be pro-active so it hasn't been hard to control....thank god!

Nola is kicking up a storm...I cant wait to see the cute feet that look like they might come out the left side of my belly!

Her room is coming along...still need some decorations and need to finish the curtains but besides that she is all set. All her swings, bouncy chairs, stroller and car seat and monitor and the rest of the good stuff is all put together and ready to go as well! I packed her bag today and just need to pack mine!

I know have wanted this for a long time but I cant help but be scared...I mean I am responsible for this little lady now for the rest of my and her life...that's a big thing! Its something that of course I want but cant help but be scared as well! I know Ill get over it the minute I meet her!


  1. YOu will be wonderful !!! 32 wks has flown by and she will be here before you know it!

    The second she is here it will all click :)

    I had a 2 hour "pregnancy" and somehow the Lord provided me with all the knowledge I needed t be Faith's mom :)

  2. Are you sure that is what is wrong with your wrists? Mine stated around that time and got worse after giving birth and it is de Quervain's tenosynovitis. I got an injection which helped a lot. I can't believe you are already 32 weeks! Yahhhhoooo!!!

  3. Wow! 33 weeks now? Your pregnancy has flown by to me...I'm sure not for you, but it has for me! So excited for you!

  4. only 17 pounds...omg!!! you are sooo lucky, you look amazing by the way!