Monday, October 20, 2008

Life after the miscarriage

After time goes on things really do get better. Im not sure how it worked for you but for me it really solidifed that I wanted to have children. I know your thinking she didnt know??? well I did but but once I was pregnant I felt like "Am I sure???" I know a lot of women go through that when they get pregnant and I did too but after the miscarriage I definitely knew that it was what I wanted. I was soo sad after losing the baby - or whatever it was? I also felt like such a failure and most of all I felt so bad for my husband - that I lost his baby. Eventually you do get over the sadness and you move on.
I was actually feeling pretty good. I mean hey I got pregnant and most people said oh a lot of people get pregnant pretty soon after a miscarriage. That actually helps you move on because you think well it will happen probably for me too! But as the months went on, nothing happened. Was I not timing it right? Was something wrong? Was I overthinking it? I always swore I would NOT be one of those people who obsessed over it. Guess what? I became just that and it was driving me mad. But, I just figured it would happen.
In November 2007 I was in New Jersey visiting my cousin with my mom and for some reason she told me that her friends daughter was seeing Dr.Hughes in Lowell. Dr.Hughes is a fertility specialist at a hospital about 5 minutes from my house. She said that he was wonderful! I figured really what could it hurt to talk to him and maybe see whats going on. So I made the call and made an appointment for December.


  1. So I already left you a comment on another post but thought of you and this blog today--I was reading the New York Times health section and they published this essay on miscarriages:

    Not sure if it speaks to how you felt, but I thought the writer made some really compelling points...

  2. I had a miscarriage in November and I feel your pain. I just can't figure out why we made it work once, and now nothing after all these months. I hope we will both get our two lines very soon.