Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Summer off

So...as I mentioned under my life at doctor Hughes office I decided to take the summer off. I didn't want to be shooting up these hormone drugs and getting up at the crack of dawn all summer. I wanted to feel like a normal person again at least for a little while.

I told Nicole that I decided to take a break and once again she told me that I should consider acupuncture. I actually never even thought about it because I didn't really know anything about it. She told me that her only successful IVF cycle (this last one) was when she coupled it with acupuncture. She is not sure if the acupuncture is what did it, but it must have helped she said.

I figured what could it hurt. The place is right here in Nashua. Its called Nashua Acupuncture and her name is Sarah...so I checked out the website and was excited to see they have a whole section dedicated to Infertility. I never realized acupuncture was such a big deal. I liked what I read, a lot. So I called and made an appointment with Sarah.

Then after a few days, I started to second guess myself....why am I making an appointment when I said that I would take the summer off? So I cancelled. However, something Sarah had said when we first talked kept ringing in my head. It usually takes about 3 months to get your body where it needs to be. Again, I thought....well...that would bring me to the end of the summer and if I decided to another IUI then my body will hopefully (providing it worked) be where it should be. I called back and rescheduled.

I will tell you the power of actually taking time off from something like infertility and the drugs that you have to use. I have never felt so good. I couldn't believe the difference I felt in my body and even in my mood. I started to wonder why I ever started the drugs and IUI's. Yeh I know....I needed to. Well I didn't need to but if I wanted the hope of something different then I would have to try something other than letting it just hopefully happen. Its sooo frustrating ha?

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