Monday, November 17, 2008

From the Flight Deck

I wrote this on the plane in my journal on friday the 14th:

Finally in Dallas - made it safely..I was such a basket case for the past few days it was rediculous.

I realized a few things:
1) I will NOT be traveling when Im pregnant
2) Im not traveling after I have a baby
3) That I need some SERIOUS therapy!

Jack keeps telling me that I really need to talk to someone about this. He said its not the fear of flying that Im scared of its the irrational fear of death that I have. I think he is definitely right about that! So I think that is the first thing I am going to do when I get home - get some therapy!

So I bought some ovulation sticks before I left on for my next cycle when I get home. I have never used them before...I have been charting for so long I thought that was enough but then a little birdy told me about them (you know who you are) and so I decided ehy its probably more accurate then charting and what could it hurt right?

Anyway, January is drawing near and Im avoiding Dr.Hughes' office like the plague..Ive got 2 more cycles I think....

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