Monday, November 17, 2008

Reporting from Cancun

Written in Journal on Nov 15th...

Im at the Secrets Silversands in The Riviera Maya, Mexico. It is our first Unlimited Luxury, Adults-Only, All-Inculsive. It is amazing!

About a week prior to leaving whenever I would say good-bye to people or guests at work and that I would not see them next week because I would be on vacation their response would be "Your going away AGAIN"!? With a strong emphasis on AGAIN..

You know what? Im nice when I respond but frankly Im completely annoyed that I have to justify this! I have NO CHILDREN! Its just me and Jack and we both work so we have the time & money to go on vacation. And you know what..if I want to treat myself to make myself feel better then I have every right! I resent it when people ask like that. Then everyone says oh well do it now cause once you have kids you wont be able to...ya no fricken kidding! Thanks for re-inforcing the no children factor.

Anyway - enough of that....

So were here and I cant believe that I had the audacity to think that MY vacation would be pregnant free...other pregnancy's - not mine! Maybe I just hoped..hoped to get away from the infertility for a little, especially on vacation.

BUT, I guess that was to much to ask for..Ive been here about 24 hours and I have already walked past 3 pregnant people. Seriously...cant they just get out of my infertility free vacaton!

At one point when I saw the 3rd one at breakfast I said to Jack - another pregnant person - maybe its my imagination? Maybe they are not actually pregnant?? Nope - not a chance...then when we went to Playa Del Carmen yesterday for the day there were pregnant women & girls everywhere!

For once - all I ask on vacation is "Stop the Insanity" and let me at least have my vacation!

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  1. I can't believe people act that way about u going on vacation.... First off if I had the time and $$ too, I'd be gone all the time.... They're simply jealous.,. I say forget about them. And second, when u do have kids (and you will) you can still go on lots of vacations... U get to act like a little kid and it's justifiable, haha. Just have fun in cancun and know that people are thinking and pulling for you all the time!! :)