Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Speaking of my entry yesterday about having only about 2 more cycles left...Lets make it one now. Ovulation ended this morning and it wasn't a good try! Is it bad to say that I don't even care this month??? I felt like it hasn't worked in 2 years so screw it..whats one more month gone by.

To be honest (unrelated to fertility) my anxiety is so bad because we are flying on Friday that my ovulation was probably screwed up anyway. Ive tried to remain calm and not really think about it because I know the effects my anxiety has on my system and my ovulation... BUT... I cant seem to control it. I really feel like my plane could plummet every time I'm on one. I know, I know, chances are slim but to me there not.

Well, I can be thankful for one thing...if the plane does go down at least I don't leave any children behind. Right now thats the only good thing that comes from my infertility.

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  1. Your plane will not plummet!!! There are few good people like you left in the world, God isn't going to mess that up!! I don't know where you're going... but have fun!!!