Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ancient African Fertility Statues

Katie over at http://ttcfun.blogspot.com wrote an entry about these African Fertility Statues that are housed at Ripleys Believe it or Not. Now, I had never heard of them so I did some research....LOVE IT!!! They are on tour right now in Myrtle Beach and then are going back home to their resting ground in Orlando, FL.

Wouldn't it happen to be that I am going on this road trip with my husband to FL, through Myrtle Beach and Orlando..SO...as you can imagine, I told him we have to stop so I can touch them!! If you google them, you will read that there have been over 2000 pregnancies of people that have either touched them or come in contact with them in some sense...EXCITING...and very interesting!

I want to say Thank You to Katie for mentioning this on her blog because I never would have known!


  1. hehehe
    My MOM sent me a link to an article about these statues. I read about people getting pregnant after even just touching a photo of them!
    Needless to say I must just be a tainted unfortunate individual because I touched the heck out of my monitor and nothing's happening... :/
    I hope you get to visit them though! They must be a lot more of a riot than AF, HAHA

  2. Placebo effect. If you believe you will receive!!! :D

  3. You rub those bad boys Melissa! Rub them till you hear one complain! Well, I suppose one of them might not complain... hee, hee.

  4. i have had 4 misscarriages and one day i heard in the news the statues would be at the riblies in hollywood. i told my husband what would it hurt we have tried everything else. so we went we touch them until the lady told us to give someone else a chance. three months later i was pregnant!;0)

  5. Well I went back in june to touch the statues. I pretty much made love to the statues and now it is december and still no baby. Needle to say this did not work for me. I put all mine hopes and dreams into this and still nothing. Good thing it was free to touch.