Friday, February 6, 2009

Have you heard of this site???

I was just researching "Why Cant I Get Pregnant" and I found this site:

This women tells her story or trying to conceive and finally being able to do so...she says its by this simple process and years of research and you can buy her e-book for $29.00. There are some tributes to her and her process from people that it worked for...I am thinking of buying it..I mean whats another $30.00 - either a book or this...what do you think? Has anyone read this before?


  1. I kinda think it might be stuff you already know. Tracking cervical mucus, cervical position, avoiding lube, ect. I guess if you want to check it out then by all means and let me know what you think bc I have considered it. I just think that I have done so much research on it I might already know everything she is going to say and I will regret it and feel dooped.

  2. So I enjoy reading your blog... always hoping and praying things are getting a little easier for you and anxiously awaiting the news... I was interested by the link you posted and just read the entire website... looks pretty legit and I am curious to if you bought the book and what the suspenseful secret was that she eluded to!! Thinking of you always!!

    PS... I LOVE that E.L.F site you found...


    Just some sites for you to check out to see if its worth buying it mixed reviews!!

  4. Never heard of it. Curious....

  5. Had a friend who did it and felt ripped off. Like Brooke above said all stuff previously mentioned CM position of cervix timing ovulation the stuff we already know.....

  6. I personally wouldn't bother reading an infertility book... just... forums and websites seem to have enough ;)