Sunday, February 15, 2009

A dream and a nasty reality check!

It was a beautiful dream..I was pregnant and going into labor...I was joking with someone (don't know who it was in real life) that I looked small and to take a picture of me standing up cause I couldn't believe it...So I then started to walk around and felt like I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad and they said no, you are in then the weirdest thing happened...felt like I was in a tunnel so its to hard to explain. Then I was in the delivery room and there were all sorts of people behind me, like mom, dad, sisters etc and they were in bleachers...stadium style (SO WEIRD I KNOW) and they were talking about how they wanted to see the delivery and I was like NO WAY...and all I could think about in my dream was I don't want them to see me if I go to the bathroom (you know how they say it happens..)...then my alarm goes off.

I am on the road to my doctors appointment this morning at 8AM and I get pulled over!!! F%$*er!

Instead of going home with my new baby, I'm going home with a $150. speeding ticket.

The Fertility/Infertility gods must really be mad at me for something I did. What it is "who the hell knows...and frankly at this point, who the hell cares"!!!


  1. awwww Melissa... sorry to hear you got a speeding ticket!! You did nothing wrong.... your just getting dealt a real crap hand...I feel a full flush coming!!!!

  2. That's some dream!

    Thinking of you!!

  3. wow 150.00 speeding ticket that really does suck! Sorry about that. I hope things get better soon.