Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Need to Check This Site Out!!

Hi everyone...

I know, I know...I haven't written in weeks and now I write 2 days in a row!

Ok so I read a blog about the African Fertility Statues which I had NEVER heard of...I am soooo intrigued! We are going on a road trip next Thur and we are driving right through the Carolina's and through Orlando and I am going to see if I can convince my hubby to stop...hahah BUT anyway, because of this I decided to do some research on objects the symbolize fertility and I came across this video...Now, let me say I know in a nutshell how our body in terms of ovulation works but I have never seen it like this....spelled out for me...It takes a while to watch BUT you have to watch it - they even have a video of who it works while going through gonal shots with ovidrel ovulation induction...

YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT - let me know what you think...maybe you already knew all of this but I certainly did not...I thought it was fascinating!!!

Go To:

On The Left click on: Fertility Health 101

Then Click On: Basic Biology

Under That Click On: Animation

The videos are of ovulation for a full 28 day cycle, there is a natural one, and then ones that are assisted by hormone shots!

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