Saturday, April 18, 2009

Infertility in the Bahamas

HI everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I am in the Bahamas - been here since Tuesday. Jack wanted to take a vacation before we started IVF and this was the only week we could go so we left last minute. I have started my BCP's and we have an appointment on May 7th for u/s & b/w and I start Lupron on April 27th.

First off I want to say that I have caught up on all the blog updates and I cant believe how many of you are now pregnant!! I am soo happy for you all and so looking forward to hearing all the updates...I am also happy to know that there is still hope for all of us still here with our BFN's. You make it seem possible and for that I am so thankful!

Ok secondly - I made a big mistake. Jack said he thought he remembered them saying that if we had intercourse it had to be with protection - I - of course, do not remember this and say why whats the big deal we are on the pill suffice to say we had unprotected sex!!!! OMG a married couple has to be careful. WELL, I called and she told me that yes, we are not supposed to have unprotected is my cycle cancelled before it even starts? haha is only day 8 so we are safe...thank god so on to using condoms...can you believe it - after all these years trying to get pregnant we have to use condoms...Yuck! Well at least I don't have to stop this cycle...close call though!

Ok now thirdly, I know that I have said this before to you all (and this is no bearing on ANY of my pregnant friends) BUT, can I please go on vacation and NOT see another freaking pregnant belly. They are literally all over the place here...its like they all decided to come here...The first person I saw was pregnant and then it proceeded from there...I, understand that I DO NOT know what these women have gone through to get where they looks about 40 and who knows could be pregnant from IVF but the others are all about my age with about 2 year olds and a big old belly...Im sorry I try to understand but sometimes I just want it not to be thrown in my face - I know they don't know but it just blows...

So I decided when I get pregnant - I'm going to go on vacation too and I am going to wear my suit so you can see my cute belly - cause you know what - after all these years I deserve to parade my belly around too!!!

Lastly, anyone who reads this that has been struggling with IF (cause I know some of my loyal followers are friends that are either pregnant or don't want to be pregnant yet) BUT - do me one favor...Go and buy the book " A Few Good Eggs" 2 chicks dish on overcoming the insanity of infertility. Out of all the books I have read - and there have been a ton! this book is THE BEST!!! Trust me...Go and order it on amazon - its soo cheap! And Enjoy - and let me know what you think....

Love you all!


  1. How awesome that you are in tropical heaven!! Lucky!! I hope it soothes you and makes you so happy and relaxed for your IVF.
    Um the preggos have followed me too, trust me... they are everywhere. Is the world really that pregnant? I hate just driving home from work and seeing them out in full force walking along the streets.
    Hope you get to parade around your dream belly soon; I cannot wait to do that. It sucks having a flat stomach. Mine should be all pushy and bloated right now :'(

  2. Have fun on your trip Melissa! Exciting that you'll start the IVF process when you get back! Also, thank you for your sweet comments :)

  3. So glad to hear you are on vacation and that you faced your fear of flying! So proud of you. I cant believe you have to have proteced sex. Booo. condoms are no fun. I hope you get nice and relaxed so your IVF will go off without a hitch.

  4. I have that book and really enjoyed reading it! And I am super jealous that you are in the Bahamas right now!! Hope you have a good time though! Enjoy yourselves!!

  5. Glad you mentioned that book being good cuz I just saw it at the library and was unsure so now I will check it out for sure!

    And your right so many women got the BFP this month and so many especially with IVF I take that as a great sign for all us future IVF'ers:)

  6. I love following your blog because I absolutely love and adore you.. however I am so totally clueless when I read because it's in code... BFN, AF, BFP, TTC, etc... can I tell you that some I figure out all on my own and the rest I google... lol!!!

    Love you girl, soak up the sun and have fun!!!

  7. Awe, you're soaking up the sun and I'm stuck in the cold pits of Nebraska! Oh well. :)

    Enjoy your vacation and soak up the rays for me.

    Hope you're having tons of fun and can't wait to hear all about it.


  8. i love this blog..thanks for sharing the idea.....

  9. What fertility place in the bahamas? Can you give me some advice of getting it done there? Thanks! Pamela