Monday, March 23, 2009

IVF could cost a lot of money but......

I want to write and entry but I honestly have nothing to say or talk about.... Well I guess I could just tell you all what is going on even though its not as exciting as what everyone else seems to be up to.

We have our IVF consultation set up for April 16th. That is the earliest time Jack was but its the reality of his job. SO...I spent the entire day (except for 2 hours) literally all day on the phone with Blue Cross Blue Shield..I am getting all my ducks in a row for IVF...I am buying myself an individual insurance plan. See, here is MA infertility coverage is a mandate for HMO's. My husband unfortunately works for a restaurant company and we have a PPO so nothing but b/w & u/s is covered...nothing to help you get pregnant only to tell you you cant..hahah I finally got all the details 100% correct and ready. Here is the deal....The plan has a $500.00 deductible and is $387/month...that covers all infertility treatments and medications...including ICSI & assisted also includes some other terms that I cant remember off the top of my head.

So...lets say it takes 2 IVF tries (being optimistic) which I think (i really have no idea yet) would take like 4 months??? That $1600 + $500 for a total of $2000.00 verses $8500. which is what IVF costs at RSC. Sounds like a steal ha? I certainly think so.

So Jacks plan will be the primary & the BCBS will be the secondary so when they submit the claim to the primary it will be denied then it will be submitted to the secondary and it will be taken care of...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Health Insurance may be expensive in the state of MA, but Ill tell you - Ill take it over having to pay $10K to have a baby. I am sorry for all of you reading this that are not fortunate enough to have mandated coverage - MOVE HERE!!!!! YEAH!!!! just kidding....I am just glad that I read someones blog that had this information on there because if not, I might be up to my ears in CC debt!

So unfortunately that is all that is going on here....Nothing sooo exciting quite yet...We are still going to try on our own even though if 4 IUI's don't work having sex on our own certainly wont but hey...Ill drink and have sex..seems to work for some...hahahah


  1. OMG I totally have to email you for details now! We have PPO and CA does mandate IF coverage so I am thinking I could get something super similar!!!!!

  2. I have a friend who keeps telling me that. Just get drunk and pretend like you are having a one night stand with dh. You will for sure get pg!! Or maybe we should knock some of your teeth out put you on welfare and move you in to a trashy trailer park. Then you would def get pg!! Hey she isnt good for advice but a laugh she is good for! Its soo exctiting to hear you guys have a great plan in place. It does sound like a steal. I hope your consult gos well and you are on your way to the mama club in no time.

  3. Yeah, moving to MA is on the back burner as an option if IVF #1 was THE plan last year when we found out, but we decided to give it one go with the hopes we wouldn't have to uproot and move to the COLD! ;-)

  4. Hi I'm new to your blog.. And I seen that you will be going for your 1st IVF consultation.. Thats very exciting!! At least it was for me, actually on our "1st ever RE visit" in January this year we decided that IVF with ICSI was the best way to go for us. And we immediately started planing for it..

    And let me tell you.. the plan that you have for IVF is definitely a steal!!! :) Our insurance dosen't cover IVF, but we are very blessed in that the cost won't be a problem for us.. don't get me wrong it'll be ALOT!!! And I don't like it one bit:(

    Hope everything go's well for you..


  5. I'm glad you are in MA and at least are in a state with coverage. Although it sucks the employer is not PPO. I'm happy you found the additional coverage.

    Lucky for me although I don't live in a state with mandated employer is based out of MA so - they have to give to us all!

  6. Wow, that is definitely a great deal! Good luck with getting everything started. I hope one cycle is all you need.