Tuesday, March 17, 2009

IVF - Its already scary enough, does it have to be complicated too!

Yes - it has to be as confusing and as scary as it looks!

As you all know, IUI #4 didn't work and they will not do anymore with shots...so where does this leave us? Accepting the fact that maybe we will never have children or accepting the fact that the scary picture up above is where we are heading!

I just finished reading the papers they sent us for our IVF consultation (which BTW they already gave us). I decided that I better read them again to understand...OK I still don't understand. Well, I understand what it is that they essentially do what I don't understand is all the stuff you all talk about so knowledgeably. Like what stages they are at etc...I have NO CLUE what any of you are talking about when you say those things...and that scares me.

But, you know what scares me the most..is having it not work. Like anything in life, nothing is a guarantee..BUT, you get to this stage and you put all your eggs (literally) in to one basket (OK, a petri-dish) and you hope to god it works. Some of you have been through 4-5 of these...and I don't know how you do it? Emotionally, physically and mentally..I feel like an IUI with the shots is draining enough..I am assuming I have no idea what is to come...

This sucks!


  1. All I can say is i feel the same way. I havent done any IUIs yet but I fear that is the direction we are going. I hope that you can feel some peace about the direction you are going.

  2. Don't look at the picture as a whole- it IS scary when you do that! Take one cycle at a time. It is to your benefit to educate yourself as much as possible so you can ask your RE questions. Plus, knowledge is power. You feel better when you know what's going on. Start reading as much as you can- internet, books, etc. You don't have to be an expert, just understand the common terms and how IVF is done.
    You do what you have to do to get what is important to you (a BABY). Take it one step at a time!!

  3. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my last post.

    Man, moving up to IVF is definitely scary. And, yes when I read other's accounts - it makes my head hurt just trying to catch up. But, I'm sure you're going to take this head on. And on your behalf I will try to educate myself as much as possible.

    Wishing the best for your next step!

  4. Hang in there...IVF is our next step, but not for a while. It confuses the heck out of me too!! I dont even want to look at the information I was given because we are not quite ready for that step.

    Im sure there are plenty of blogger buddies out there who can give you advice with the whole process! :) Good luck!

  5. It does suck, but we are here for you, and yes sometimes it doesn't work, but I am proof that other times it does. You will keep moving forward, think of the ultimate goal. You will be fine and we will help ya!

  6. I don't really know anything specific about IVF, but you will be in our thoughts and prayers as you figure out what to do next.