Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prometrium Question...

I know I told you I would not take a test early...cause I know all to well the famous negative. And that is was when I test about an hour ago 11 days past I know its too early but can I ask everyone...

Ok, I have been taking prometrium vaginally for 10 nights and I know it brings on cramping but these were so bad on Thursday and Friday..just coming and they are gone...and my temp this morning was 98.2 - it has NEVER been that high ever...I know that can be cause by the prometrium so I am trying to stay focused that I'm probably getting my period but I have done way too many google searches and it says that my period is not going to come until after I stop taking the prometrium...??? The doctor never said anything about this? Anybody know??? Anybody ever have period like cramps but they were actually pregnant....

I almost feel like if my period is going to come just COME and lets get it over with - I hate that this is toying with my emotions, my husband and my body!!!!


  1. I am sorry I dont have any advice about the prometrium it sounds like a call to the doc is in order. I really hope this is it for you. I would say you have more then payed your dues. The temp sounds very promising I hope you are pleasently surprised!

  2. It is a no your right :(

    But about the prometrium I have never heard that and in fact my doctors said " Stop the prometrium WHEN your period starts"

    But still hoping and praying for YOUR BFP!

    I hate when the boyd plays so many games with us. Now I wonder why was I nauseous, why was I cramppy? All because my body and mind were playing games with my heart!

  3. I'm 20 weeks pregnant. From 3 weeks (7 dpo) to about 6 weeks I had most definite period cramps. I guess it was just growing pains. Didn't get a bfp until 14 dpo, day af was due.

  4. I am going to say a big bedtime prayer tonight that you DON'T get a visit from "her" and that this is it for you!!! You and Jack more than deserve it... I have a good feeling on this one. PS.... I MISS YOU!!! I never see you :(

  5. Melissa,

    I don't know much about prometrium, have always done PIO. But I do think all those symptoms could point to pregnancy....or, unfortunately, to being jacked up on progesterone. still, tho, I think the cramps especially are a good sign!

    Will keep sending positive thoughts!


  6. I have heard of many women having "period" cramps coming out to a BFP... that's why so much of the time TTCers have IPS.. but you never know 'til the test shows :)

  7. my RE always had me stop taking them 14DPO if the pregnancy test was negative. my OB though, swears you will still get AF if you keep taking the progesterone but aren't pregnant...

    hoping you get good news!

  8. I just got prescribed prometrium to start this week, I had an HcG shot today. I'm a newbie at all this... so I am trying to understand what the prometrium is supposed to do after I ovulate.. I had used it before to START my period but this is supposed to be different! I'm so confused.

  9. I had cramping for the first month or two I was pregnant...and I kept saying to myself "oh, Im about to start my period." But I never started. :) Now I have a 3 month old baby girl and I am going on prometrium today because my period hasn't came back but the cramping has been around for about two months.