Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our IVF Consultation!

I just wanted to update everyone...I was supposed to have our IVF consultation on April 16th. It was the first available appointment my busy husband could make. BUT, we had a break in things and I called to see if she had anything else open and maybe I would go alone? Well, she had tomorrow morning open at 830 and Jack is able to come!! Yeah - 16 days early - Lets Get Started!

Also - does anyone that has been through IVF have any suggestions on things that I should be asking...I have no clue!


  1. That's so exciting. I suggest you take paper and pen with you and take notes. It's a lot of info to process, thank goodness your DH can go too (an extra set of ears). I would ask what protocol they recommend, what you need to do prior to your cycle, and what they think your success rate will be. There are so many more that will come to you during the consult (and after). Just keep a list of them running so you can call your nurse and ask them all.

    Good luck! It can be very overwhelming but you'll do great!

  2. That's awesome! I hope it goes well tomorrow :)

  3. YAY!! Thats so Exicting!!! I agree with what MJ said.. Bring a pen and paper. ALso write down any questions you might have, just in case you forget.

    For me the first visit was really good. My Dr. expained everything that he could. BUT.. it was alot of "info" to take in all at once.. They'll probably give you a package full of papers to do with the whole IVF process EX.
    If I ever have any questions now, I just call my IVF nurse and Hope that helps a little:) Hope it goes great!!


  4. I wish you nothing but great luck tomorrow!! Will be thinking about you girl and waiting to read about how it goes!!!

  5. Praying for you as you start this exciting journey! It's hard...but so worth it. :)