Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night I had a few most of us do.

The first dream, I had twins...a boy and a girl and I can still see what they look like - they were sooo beautiful!

The second I was pregnant and I was in my family room or it was my sisters family room and the doctor was there (wierd) and she asked me if I wanted to know what I was having? (Let me digress for a momonet - I am a girly girly in the ultimate sense so I know that I will probably have a boy- not that I wont be happy with either one, but I would love to have a girl) So - I tell the doctor that yes I want to know and she tells me Im having a girl. I reply - NO - and start to cry and get so excited to tell Jack.

But you know what they say when you have a dream that you are pregnant...that someone you know is pregnant. Not that I have any friends left that could possibly announce this...but such a wonderful dream means some sad news for me. Bummer

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  1. Hi Melissa- I'm so sorry such a lovely dream like that leaves you more empty than happy. Stupid IF monster...way to kick you while your down!

    I hope that dream turns into reality for you soon.