Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why do terrible things happen?

I feel really bad....

About a month ago when I got back from Cancun I came home to find out that a guy that I work with wife was pregnant. They had just gotten married over the summer and had only been trying for a few months when he announced she was pregnant. We were all very surprised (and told him) that he announced it so early especially considering the two people that he was talking to (myself & another girl) both told people there at work to early and ended up having miscarriages....He said that she was too excited and had let it slip. We encouraged him that things would be just fine. I even text him the day of the appointment to check in and make sure everything was ok...Im just that kind of person. It may suck for me but Ill still make sure that you are okay.

Of course I was happy for them but as you can expect sad for us - another couple passing us by.....

Well...I found out yesterday that she had a I feel absolutely terrible that I was jealous of them. I know I didnt cause it but I was so bummed that she was pregnant before me and now she has to experience something I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. Why do these things have to happen in life?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On a happier note...we had a great time last night at my sisters. We were going to go out to a really nice dinner to celebrate a wonderful upcoming 2009 but as usual the STUPID snow ruined things! So we went to my sisters to have prime rib and hang with my 2 nieces. Let me tell you...Jack walks in the door and they go nuts. Especially Amelia who is 20 months...she freaks when she sees him...she thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. Do you know why?? Because he acts like a 42 year old kid - teaching them all sorts of bad things....but they way they act when he walks in the door makes my heart melt...someday I hope we have the opportunity to have our child do the same thing.

Anyway I digress...we had a great time - had dinner then played scrabble and we were in bed by 11pm...Goodbye to a babyless 2008 and hello to a prosperous (I hope) 2009.

~ ~ ~ ~

So Monday is the big day! Did I tell you its our appointment with our first RE..apparently our fertility specialists that I have mentioned (whom I loved) was not an RE...didnt know I do!

So we are scheduled to go at 930 and have a 2 hour consultation. At first I made the appointment because I kind of had to but now I am really looking forward to it. Of course I hope she tells me what I want to hear..not sure I think it will be bad news cause there really is not much wrong with us. But either way...I know that we will be okay. We now know we can get medical coverage that will cover all IVF..if need be...Im good...Im excited to see what she says..Ill keep you all posted.

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  1. Good luck at your appointment! I hope you get a good plan together.