Sunday, January 18, 2009

She Arrived

Yes, AF arrived...I cant believe I was stupid enough to think that I "might" be pregnant...How fricken silly of me, really? So anyway shes here.

So I called my new RE at RSC on Friday and had an appointment for today at 830 for the usual ultrasound and blood work. She wanted a new set of test done there so they could take a look and see for themselves since theres are all computerized and the records they got from my fertility specialist are not. Anyway..she just called with the results:

Estrodial 28.3
FSH 8.09
Prolactin 14.7
TSH 1.72

Then she said something about follicles on both sides but she was talking so fast but she said everything looked great.

HOWEVER - she said all the numbers are very good and within normal range for day I thought my FSH seemed awfully high??? What do you think?? I googled it and they say anything between 6-9 is good & under 6 is excellent. Does it matter what day it is? Does it always change? UGH! I hate this. I wish I was a doctor sometimes!

So she said as soon as Jack gets his SA done this week we can then go in for a meeting with the Doctor to discuss the results.

Waiting sucks!


  1. me.... the answer to this... when did you get this done cd2 or 3, if not these days, then the FSH...well I cant tell if good or bad.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I don't know anything about the numbers.

  3. Hi! I was just reading about FSH levels today! I thought it was something like under 10 is thumbs up. I am sure that the internet will have a billion different charts with fluctuating numbers on that, though!