Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling a little Sad

Sorry my post have been very sporatic. I dont feel as if I have anything to write about that would hold your attention. AS you all know we are in a holding pattern for 6 months...trying on our own before we take our next step. We get his test results on Feb 9th at our appointment with our new RE. I am confident considering all 4 times we have seen his numbers they were good. So there it is possibly both of us fine...nothing wrong BUT still without something that seems so obtainable by some.

It really sucks ha? I went into babies r us on sat night to get a baby shower gift. Now, let me tell you - that store is NOT for infertiles....I hope I dont have to go back anytime soon!

So then today, I am here waiting for this woman to arrive to do our appraisel and she arrives and is very nice. I was scrapbooking at the kitchen table and she made a comment about loving it but never having a reason to do it til now cause they are expecting their first...REALLY??? WTF...can I go ONE day without hearing about a pregnancy - JUST ONE...is that really too much to ask?

Sometimes I really just say to myself - forget it...youll never be pregnant.


  1. Tell me about it... random preggos pop out of the woodwork at the WORST possible times... urgh..........

    And I despise babies R us. I'm never setting foot in that damn store ever again. Ok... MAYBE on the off chance that I have a baby someday.

    I've been depressed about fertility all day and I guess you could say, I potentially have too much to blog about. But then I'd make too many pathetic entries.

  2. I know its hard but i have to tll you all you have been through up to thsi point there are times i have looked at you and thought she is so strong i hope that i can be that strong if need be. So yes have your sad day but know that you are admirabley strong

  3. just found your blog thru fellow if blog webiste and wanted to say hello and i understand the sad feeling and the feeling of baby being constatntly in your face!

    Feel free to check out our blog as well!

    sending happy thougths your way!

  4. They are everywhere! I'm sorry you are feeling down. Sending some hugs your way.

  5. I totally understand how you feel. Did you see my last post about the lawyer? There are either a thousand new pregnancies being thrown in your face, or people asking "When will it be your turn?" or having to deal with stupid stores like Babies R'Us or toy stores in general. It really stinks. But, hang in there. You really are an inspiration.

  6. Yippee! It works! Thanks Melissa. :o)